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    Enero, 2022
    Ghana, Noruega

    Context and backgroundColonial legacy and the continuous implementation of neoliberal policies have led to the creation of institutional pluralism in the planning of customary land in peri-urban areas in Ghana. During land commoditisation, peri-urban customary land planning regularly involves physical planning authorities, traditional authorities, and private surveyors. The community members are rarely involved in the planning of their communities, and the planning often leads to the eviction of the community members from their ancestral land.

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    Enero, 2022
    Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Noruega

    The Framework and Guidelines on Land Policy in Africa endorsed through the adoption of the African Union Declaration on Land Issues and Challenges by the African Heads of States in 2009 is having “a strong gender component which aims at “strengthening security of land tenure for women which require special attention” and “ensuring that land laws provide for equitable access to land and related resources”.

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    Enero, 2022
    Tanzania, Estados Unidos de América, Noruega

    ABSTRACTContext and backgroundAccess to and ownership of land are important for reducing discrimination.

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    Enero, 2022
    Uganda, Noruega

    ABSTRACT Amuru district in northern Uganda has had intense land rights violations over the past fourteen years. There have been large scale land investments for commercial agriculture and other activities with limited community engagement, In many families men have sold off family land to ‘investors’ without consultation of their wives.

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    Enero, 2023
    Nigeria, Noruega

    Context and backgroundThe intensive use of land is regarded as the major source of agricultural growth in many developing nations, even though this intensive usage has been seen as one of the most substantial human impacts on the global environment. However, the intensification of agricultural land use has led to many environmental and social challenges.

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    Enero, 2024
    Sierra Leona, Togo, Liberia, Noruega, Portugal, Costa Rica

    Context and background:

  7. Library Resource
    Enero, 2022

    Governability Of Customary Land Tenure Institutions: Insights From Odupongkpehe Customary Area In Ghana

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    Enero, 2022
    Etiopía, Noruega, Canadá

    Land in Ethiopia is held by the state and the people; while landholders guaranteed a lifetime ‘holding’ right (any right except sell and mortgage per se). Women have equal rights to men in the formal legal system, despite, in pastoral areas, women’s land rights are highly influenced by religious and customary systems: rights are meaningless unless they are socially recognized and effectively enforced. Studies on women’s land rights comparing between formal and customary land laws are rare.

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    Enero, 2023
    Zambia, Estados Unidos de América

    Context and Background:The Government of the Republic of Zambia has strengthened the policy and legal frameworks to support gender equality and women's empowerment.

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    Enero, 2022
    Rwanda, Francia

    Context and background:  The essential emerging reality from the statutory-versus-customary tenure debate is that both customary and statutory tenure systems have faults and good merits.

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