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    Enero, 2023

    Goal and Objectives:The overall objective of this paper is to examine the perspectives of pedestrians on the walking environmennt in a stuation of increased transport and to recommend for policy and planning interventions through which the walking environment in cities of developing countries can be improved.Methodology:On methodological fronts, the study adopted a mixed research methodological approach and a caste study research strategy. Data were collected by using observations, unguided group discussions, questionnaire and checklist.

  2. Library Resource
    Enero, 2023
    Senegal, Camerún, Islandia, Estados Unidos de América

    In Africa, particularly in Senegal, the issue of gender in land governance remains an equation when it comes to access to land. In a number of West African countries, the issue of gender and land tenure is an ongoing one, insofar as the same obstacles have been identified for vulnerable groups, women in particular. In reality, access to land resources remains very limited for women for several reasons. As far as legislation is concerned, equal access is enshrined both at national level in constitutional and legislative provisions and at international level in conventions and charters.

  3. Library Resource
    Enero, 2022
    Togo, Noruega, Francia

    Urban Management Tested By Information On Land Transactions In The City Of Moyen Mono 1 (Togo)

  4. Library Resource
    Enero, 2024
    Etiopía, Ghana, Estados Unidos de América

    Context and background:
    Urban green areas are critical in generating community social, economic, environmental, and health advantages. However, clear and reliable data on the spatial extent, distribution, accessibility, and attractiveness of green spaces and parks in the three African cities (Addis Ababa, Kumasi, and Musanze) are severely lacking. As a result, the study sought to map and appraise the distribution of existing green spaces and parks, as well as investigate their attractiveness and physical and economical accessibility to various communities.

  5. Library Resource
    Enero, 2021

           Context and backgroundWith many physical and human potentials, the Bamun country in the western highlands of Cameroon, which is an agricultural area excellence is today experiencing serious socio-economic and spatial transformations. The coffee crises, growth in cash crop production and demographic pressure within the former agricultural spaces has favored the movement of producers towards pioneer fronts. The availability of land capital in these new agricultural spaces attracts migrants from other horizons.

  6. Library Resource
    Enero, 2022

    Context and background: Flooding is one of the most feared consequences of climate change. It is one of the most devastating scourges on the planet today. The year 2010 was marked by a perceptible disruption of the rainfall regime in almost every corner of the globe. In Benin, as in many African countries, the rains of 2010 have caused floods with devastating consequences on all levels (social, economic, environmental, health, etc.).

  7. Library Resource
    Enero, 2022

    Context and backgroundThis study focuses on land governance in Mali, particularly customary land in rural areas because of its importance in the development of agriculture, which occupies more than 80% of the population. The Malian State has undertaken reforms in order to secure customary land through their recognition and confirmation. Our study, through a systemic analysis of documentary data and field surveys, consisted in listing these reforms in order to see how they take into account socio-cultural realities. How are these measures perceived by local people? What are their effects?

  8. Library Resource
    Enero, 2021

    Government mainly raises domestic revenue through taxation such as income tax, value added tax and customs and excise duty. Residential rental income tax is a component of income tax.  There is low rental income tax collections in Zambia caused by among other things low taxpayers’ compliance. In order to obtain insights about the actual realities on the ground and using Kitwe city as a case study area, the research evaluated the extent of residential rental income tax compliance among taxpayers in Zambia.

  9. Library Resource
    Enero, 2023
    Nigeria, Islandia, Estados Unidos de América

    Context and background As a result of advancement in Technology, the densification of Survey Control Points (SCP) has become very easy. There has been some Survey Control Points (SCP) that were established within the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) campus, Ondo state, Nigeria with no intention for database storage.Goal and Objectives: This study aimed at mapping of control points distribution within the University community.

  10. Library Resource
    Enero, 2022
    Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Estados Unidos de América

    Sr. Dr. Elizabeth W. Wanyoike, ESMLizwangu20@gmail.com,Farragut, US   ABSTRACT Context and backgroundIn the last few years, in some African countries such as Burundi, Rwanda, and Kenya the churches were burnt down; refugees in these churches were plainly and maliciously killed. The study on contemporary perception of sacred places, objects, and personnel was stirred and underscored by this action. Generally, anything that took shelter in sacred places would not be harmed.

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