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    Octubre, 2023

    This article discusses the implication of the 2021 CASAC v Ingonyama Trust judgment on South Africa’s land governance policy trajectories. It explores the extent to which there are missing links between policy imperatives, the legal system, court processes and socio-economic emancipation. It argues that the failure of the state in policy design and implementation has turned courts into contradictory sites of struggle for emancipating land rights.

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    Tenure security, Policy note, Borgou, Benin

    Selected findings of an impact evaluation, Policy note

    Documentos de política y resúmenes
    Noviembre, 2023

    Increasing investment by smallholders in agriculture and livestock is essential for improving food security, income and resilience to climate change, but can be constrained by tenure insecurity. To help overcome the barriers faced in improving land tenure security, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) launched the Global Project on Responsible Land Policy (GPRLP), which is testing interventions, evaluating impact and drawing lessons for scaling.

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    State of Land Information  in Liberia

    An Open Data Assessment

    Informes e investigaciones
    Diciembre, 2023

    Land rights are fundamental sources of tension in Liberia, so transparency about land information is both essential and highly politicized. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission and other scholars have documented land conflict as one of the major causes of the 14 year civil conflict (1989-2003) in Liberia, rooted in the country’s formation in the 19th Century as a land divided by indigenous peoples and freed slaves settling from the United States.

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    State of Land Information in Mozambique

    An Open Data Assessment

    Informes e investigaciones
    Diciembre, 2023

    In Mozambique, the law recognizes certain forms of occupation as constituting legal tenure and nationals can claim this recognition of their right to occupy and use land allocated through customary norms/practices. Local communities can also claim rights over land which they have customarily occupied, used, and managed. These rights are not prejudiced by their lack of titling or documentation and may be defended on the basis of oral testimony.

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    Fiche d'information de projet

    Materiales institucionales y promocionales
    Marzo, 2024

    Le ProPFR vise l’amélioration de la protection juridique de l’accès à la terre, compte oeuvrer pour apporter un appui et un accompagnement aux structures étatiques, des structures déconcentrées du code rural, à la société civile et aux leaders d’opinion pour faire de la gouvernance foncière, le levier pour le développement des activités économiques rurales.

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    Enero, 2023
    Etiopía, Turquía

    This study examines the dynamics of fringe land invasion in Birbir Town southern Ethiopia by adopting a descriptive survey design with both qualitative and quantitative data analyses Primary data were acquired through a household survey key informant interviews focus group discussions and observations This study also benefited from relevant secondary sources Using a simple random sampling technique 156 household heads were selected from Birbir and two adjacent rural areas The study revealed that informal settlement expansion in the form of fringe land invasion occurs in Birbir Town predomin

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    Enero, 2023

    The pervasiveness of territorial marks in postconflict neighbourhoods elicited this study Relying on residents perceptions the study explored the dynamics underpinning residents use of territorial marks Primary data was collected by administering questionnaires to residents of various neighbourhoods within the study area Physical observations were conducted to identify all residential neighbourhoods and categorised into three homogenous zones From each homogenous zone 30 neighbourhoods were purposively selected In total 2055 buildings were identified within these selected neighbourhoods The

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    Enero, 2022

    There is a general paucity of explanations for the emerging social and spatial changes in the pattern and socioeconomic traits of urban residential housing units in Nigeria Hence this study examined the spatial pattern of residential neighbourhoods assessed the quality of residential housing units and evaluated the correlation between the socioeconomic position of respondents and housing quality in Akure Nigeria Data were derived from the household questionnaire remotely sensed data Landsat 8 OLITIR 2021 a Google Earth map a Street Map of Akure Township and personal observations The study a

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    Enero, 2018

    The significance of neighbourhood in hosting a group of dwellings units and possessing adequate communal facilities could not be overemphasized in the study of people and place relationships There are two main objectives of this study i to study the neighbourhoods associated challenges through the size growth and land use distribution and ii to investigate the perceived inhabitants activities pattern within the neighbourhood The objectives are explored through a morphological and GISbased land use analysis of a rural neighbourhood in Southwest Nigeria The town is studied in three transforma

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    Enero, 2020

    Rapid urbanization has led to the influx of people into urban areas as people seek better life opportunities This migration has however largely not been planned resulting in population explosions in the cities Relying on existing research on the topic and government reports this study finds that many middle and lowincome families in Kenya have ended up living in informal settlements in urban areas due to housing unaffordability The study further determines that the problem of housing is more pronounced in developing countries Studies related to this issue establish that the housing crisis c

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