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    Agosto, 2001

    The 2001 Amendment to the Land Law aims to determine the regime of ownership for immovable properties in the Kingdom of Cambodia for the purpose of guaranteeing the rights of ownership and other rights related to immovable properties. It also intends to establish a modern system of land registration that guarantees the rights of people to own land.

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    Octubre, 2007

    Law on Concessions aims to encourage and facilitate the implementation of infrastructure projects by Cambodia's private concessionaires for the public interests and in fulfillment of national social and economic demands. Falling under the scope of this law, and in need of the public institutions' involvement are construction of the infrastructures and its related services such as roads, bridges, (air) ports, railways, water supply and other infrastructures served for telecommunication, IT and exractive industries.

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    Mayo, 1994

    The objective of the Law on Land Management, Urban Planning and Constructions shall be to promote the organization and embellishment of the urban and the rural areas throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia with the purpose of assuring development of this country in the spirits of respecting both common and individual interests, private rights, observing laws and regulations, and overseeing on the construction matters, assuring through the development process an equilibrium between the cities/towns and rural areas based on their geographical conditions and special characteristics, assuring the va

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    National Expropriation Law

    Legislación y políticas
    Enero, 1977

    This is Argentina's national law on expropriation dating back to 1977.

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    Diciembre, 2000

    This the Belizean housing and town planning act. It is the primary piece of legislation for these topics.

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    Julio, 1956

    An Act to provide for the establishment of a Federal development authority and local development boards to promote and carry out projects for land development and settlement, for making funds available therefor, and for purposes connected therewith

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    Act 5/2002

    Agosto, 2002

    To povide for the allocation of rights in respect of communal land; establish, Communal Land Boards; to provide for the powers of Chiefs and Traditional Authorities and boards in relation to communal land; and to make provision for incidental matters

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