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    An Act to provide for land ownership, use and rights attached to land and matters connected or incidental thereto

    Tanzania, África, África oriental

    Preliminary (I); Public land (II); Right of occupancy to land (III); Right of ownership of trees (IV); Grants of public lands (V), Leases (VI); Termination of rights of occupancy (VII); Miscellaneous provisions (VIII).All land in Zanzibar is declared to be public land and is vested in the President (sect. 3). Land taken by the Government is declared to be confiscated land and any irregularities in acquisition shall be resolved through procedures under the Land Adjudication Act. Section 5 concerns easements on banks of waterways.

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    Decreto-Lei n. 32/87.

    Santo Tomé y Príncipe, África, África Central

    This Decree-Law, composed of 39 articles, rules on State’s withdrawal from the management of production units. To this end, it stipulates that the Government shall implement development programmes, as well as define the guidelines for the zoning of the production units to be assigned. The Decree-Law indicates the procedures for State withdrawal, the applicable concession regime, the forbidden property concessions, and the admitted applicants.

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    Despacho n. 29/GMAP/988.

    Santo Tomé y Príncipe, África, África Central

    This Dispatch, composed of 2 articles, institutes the Unit for the Coordination and Technical Assistance for the production units’ concession. This Unit, a body of the Ministry for Agriculture and Fisheries, is responsible for the organization and direction and control of all the processes dealing with citizen’s involvement in the management of production units.

    Implements: Decree-Law No. 32/87 on State’s withdrawal from the management of production units. (1987-12-17)

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    Decreto n. 23/88.

    Santo Tomé y Príncipe, África, África Central

    This Decree, composed of 10 articles, implements some principles set forth under the Decree-Law No. 32/87 on State’s withdrawal from the management of production units. In particular, the Decree regulates: the procedures for the production units’ assignment to collective or individual users, the contracts, the procedures for requesting a concession. Finally, it indicates the related managing authorities.

    Implements: Decree-Law No. 32/87 on State’s withdrawal from the management of production units. (1987-12-17)

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    Lei n. 9/04.

    Angola, África, África Central

    This Law, composed of 89 articles divided in 5 chapters, regulates the general principles on land rights. In particular, the Law rules on: property rights, rural community rights, natural resources’ use and protection measures, land expropriation, land concession, territorial planning, land classification, and registration procedures.

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    Camerún, África, África Central

    La présente loi régit l'urbanisme, l'aménagement urbain et la construction sur l'ensemble du territoire camerounais. A ce titre, elle fixe les règles générales d'utilisation du sol, définit les prévisions, règles et actes d'urbanisme, organise les opérations d'aménagement foncier et les relations entre les différents acteurs urbains.

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    Lei n. 71/VI/2005.

    Cabo Verde, África, África occidental

    This Law, composed of 4 articles, authorises the Government to define the legal status of land thus revising former Law No. 2030 of 22 June 1948. In particular, the Law provides the framework under which the Government shall revise the former system.

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    An Act of Parliament to make provision for Trust land.

    Enero, 1938
    África, África oriental, Kenya

    This Act makes provision for the administration of Trust land as defined by section 114 of the Constitution of Kenya, the setting apart of an area of Trust land for use and occupation for specified purposes, the use of Trust land and for other related purposes.

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    Mauritania, África, África occidental

    Ce décret porte application de l'ordonnance qui établit le régime foncier et domanial en Mauritanie.

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    Decreto legislativo n. 1/2006.

    Cabo Verde, África, África occidental

    This Legislative Decree, composed of 50 Chapters, approves the basic Order on Urban and Spatial Planning. In particular, it provides a classification of land comprised under the national territory and defines the basic principles undergoing spatial planning and management. Particular attention is paid to the institution of an integrated management system involving national and local administrations, as well as the provision of framework contracts as urban planning tools.

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