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    Junio, 2015
    República de Corea

    The purpose of this Decree is to provide for the matters that are delegated by the Act on the Establishment, Management of Spatial Data and those necessary for its enforcement.

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    Noviembre, 1991

    The Law prescribes the procedures for performance of the land reform in the cities of the Republic of Latvia. The objective of the land reform is to reorganise the legal, social and economic relationships of a land property and the use of land in cities during the gradual denationalisation, conversion, privatisation of State property and unlawfully alienated land properties in order to promote formation of city building corresponding to the interests of society, protection and rational utilisation of land.

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    Mayo, 2016

    Le présent décret fixe les modalités d'organisation et de fonctionnement de la commission consultative en matière foncière et domaniale, organe collégial chargé d'assister les autorités compétentes dans le cadre de la gestion du domaine national.

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    Marzo, 2017

    La presente Resolución modifica el Reglamento interno del Consejo Nacional de Tierras de la Autoridad Nacional de Administración de Tierras, en aspectos relacionados con la resolución de los recursos de apelación, en la condición de superior jerárquico, cuando las decisiones o resoluciones recurridas hayan sido emitidas por el Administrador General de la Autoridad.

    Enmienda: Resolución Nº 4 - Reglamento interno del Consejo Nacional de Tierras de la Autoridad Nacional de Administración de Tierras. (2012-03-08)

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    Octubre, 2009

    The Regulation prescribes the state fee amount and payment procedures for registering ownership rights and pledge rights in the Land Register, and the state fee exemptions. The state fee for registering ownership rights and pledge rights in the Land Register is paid prior to the registration of such rights in the Land Register, and this payment is transferred to State basic budget.

    Implements: Land Register Law. (2004-04-22)

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    Enero, 1886
    Sierra Leona

    This Act makes provision with respect to the procedure of escheat of property, i.e. the appropriation of any casual revenues arising within the Colonies or Foreign Possessions of the Crown (other than Droits of the Crown and Droits of the Admiralty) for or towards any public purposes within the Colonies or Possessions in which the same respectively may have arisen, including the revenue to arise from the estates and effects of persons who have died intestate and without heirs or next of kin.

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    Mayo, 2016

    Le présent décret fixe les règles de procédure applicables à l’enregistrement des biens immeubles domaniaux. Il prévoit la requête en enregistrement d'un immeuble domanial; l’enquête foncière; l’établissement et de la délivrance des titres fonciers, en application de la loi n° 1/13 du 09 août 2011 portant révision du code foncier du Burundi.

    Met en oeuvre: Loi nº 1-13 du 9 août 2011 portant revision du Code foncier du Burundi. (2011-08-09)

  8. Library Resource
    Mayo, 2007

    This Regulation concerns rural land management and rights and use of rural land in Amhara National Region. It seeks to create favourable conditions enabling the land administration system to promote long-lasting agricultural development and productivity in the regional state by causing the full implementation of the rights and obligations pertaining to the rural land holders as are stipulated under the Revised Rural Land Administration and Use Determination Proclamation.

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    Mayo, 2005

    This Act requires the amounts specified in Schedule 1 to payable as stamp duties in respect of the matters stated respectively in relation to them. An instrument relating to the creation or transfer of an estate or interest in land, submitted to the Commissioner for assessment of the chargeable stamp duty, shall be accompanied with a statement in the form set out in the Schedule 2. (2) The statement shall be signed by the grantee, transferee or by a person authorised in writing to do so by the grantee or transferee.

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