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    Junio, 2016

    Regenerating Urban Land draws on the experience of eight case studies from around the world. The case studies outline various policy and financial instruments to attract private sector investment in urban regeneration of underutilized and unutilized areas and the requisite infrastructure improvements. In particular, each case study details the project cycle, from the scoping phase and determination of the initial amount of public sector investment, to implementation and subsequent leveraged private-sector funds.

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    Junio, 2016

    The LPI has provided valuable
    information for policy makers, traders, and other
    stakeholders, including researchers and academics, on the
    role of logistics for growth and the policies needed to
    support logistics in areas such as infrastructure planning,
    service provision, and crossborder trade and transport
    facilitation. The results of Connecting to Compete 2016
    point to Germany as the best performing country, with an LPI

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    Julio, 2016

    Rwanda's completion, in 2012/13, of
    a land tenure regularization program covering the entire
    country allows the use of administrative data to describe
    initial performance and combine the data with household
    surveys to quantify to what extent and why subsequent
    transfers remain informal, and how to address this. In
    2014/15, annual volumes of registered sales ranged between
    5.6 percent for residential land in Kigali and 0.1 percent

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    Julio, 2016

    The World Bank has funded land reform, land administration, and land management projects in the Europe and Central Asia (ECA) region since the early 1990s. The region comprises the 15 countries of the former Soviet Union, the former socialist countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and Turkey. Both the privatization of land and property assets and their efficient management and mobilization in the credit markets have been at the center of the transitional reforms to date.

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    Enero, 2016

    Enabling the Business of Agriculture 2016 provides a tool for policy makers to identify and analyze legal barriers for the business of agriculture and to quantify transaction costs of dealing with government regulations.

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    Abril, 2016

    Urbanization is a source of dynamism
    that can enhance productivity and increase economic
    integration, a principle evident from the experience of
    today’s high-income countries and rapidly emerging
    economies. Indeed, during the Industrial Age, no country has
    achieved sustained increases in national income without
    urbanization. If well managed, cities can help countries
    accelerate growth and “open the doors” to global markets in

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    Mayo, 2016

    The natural endowment of the Democrat Republic of Congo, in the form of land, minerals, and forests, is unparalleled. The right mix of policies has the potential to unleash incentives that could transform the economy. However, transport infrastructure in the DRC is amongst the sparsest and most dilapidated in the world, and this lack of infrastructure is likely a significant constraint to growth.

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    Mayo, 2016

    The rural economy in Bangladesh has been
    a powerful source of economic growth and has substantially
    reduced poverty, especially since 2000, but the remarkable
    transformation and unprecedented dynamism in rural
    Bangladesh are an underexplored, underappreciated, and
    largely untold story. The analysis identifies the key
    changes occurring in the rural economy, the principal
    drivers of rural incomes, the implications for policy, and

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    Mayo, 2016

    Over the past quarter century, Vietnam’s
    agricultural sector has made enormous progress. Vietnam’s
    performance in terms of agricultural yields, output, and
    exports, however, has been more impressive than its gains in
    efficiency, farmer welfare, and product quality. Vietnamese
    agriculture now sits at a turning point. The agricultural
    sector now faces growing domestic competition - from cities,
    industry, and services - for labor, land, and water. Rising

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    Junio, 2016

    Groundwater is a vital yet threatened
    resource in much of South Asia. This paper develops a model
    of groundwater transactions under payoff uncertainty arising
    from unpredictable fluctuations in groundwater availability
    during the agricultural dry season. The model highlights the
    trade-off between the ex post inefficiency of long-term
    contracts and the ex ante inefficiency of spot contracts.
    The structural parameters are estimated using detailed

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