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    Mayo, 2005
    Turquía, Asia, Asia occidental

    This Regulation defines technical and administrative rules and principles for preventing and eradicating soil contamination. Limited values and measures for preventing soil contamination are specified in the Regulation. Provincial administrations shall define areas and locations where soil contamination may occur and conduct analysis. Technical details for purification sludge and composted materials to be used on soil are provided in the Regulation. Individuals and companies operating purification facilities are obliged to make regular analysis and keep records of their findings.

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    Agosto, 1994
    Colombia, Américas, América del Sur

    El capitulo IV de la Ley Nº 160 de 1994, establece un subsidio para la compra de tierras en las modalidades y procedimientos de crédito no reembolsable con cargo al presupuesto del Instituto Colombiano de Reforma Agraria (INCORA), que se otorgara por una sola vez al campesino sujeto de la reforma agraria, con arreglo a las políticas que señale el Ministerio de Agricultura y a los criterios de elegibilidad que se señalen.

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    Samoa, Oceanía

    This Act provides rules for the registration of title or other interests in land and related matters and provides for the form of transfer of title in land or other interest in land such as mortgages, caveats, leases and easements.There shall continue to be a Registrar of Land who shall be the Chief Executive Officer responsible for the administration of this Act. The Registrar may delegate the Registrar’s powers and functions to the Assistant Registrar of Land.

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    Canadá, Américas, América Septentrional

    This Act provides for the formation and registration of agricultural land owners associations and defines their functions and powers. It empowers the Minister to establish and maintain a registry of agricultural land and to regulate the management of registered agricultural lands. When necessary, drains and ditches may be constructed and have to be maintained. (25 sections)

    Implemented by: Registry of Agricultural Land Regulation - Agricultural Land Protection and Development Act (N.B. Reg. 97-83). (2012-06-13)

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    Canadá, Américas, América Septentrional

    The present Act lays down provisions relating to the levying of tax on the small number of land owners in the province granted mineral rights under land before 1950. These are known as freehold mineral rights. The tax is assessed annually per hectare, depending on the amount of land to which the owner has freehold mineral rights and whether minerals are being produced from the land. The text consists of 22 sections.

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    Australia, Oceanía

    These Regulations prescribe fees, charges, expenses and other amounts payable under the Transfer of Land Act 1958. These Regulations are made under sections 120 and 121 of the Transfer of Land Act 1958.

    Implements: Transfer of Land Act 1958. (2017-09-19)
    Repealed by: Transfer of Land (Fees) Regulations 2016. (2018-05-29)

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    ПРАВИТЕЛЬСТВО КЫРГЫЗСКОЙ РЕСПУБЛИКИ ПОСТАНОВЛЕНИЕ от 15 февраля 2011 года №50 Об утверждении Временного положения о порядке определения и оформления границ земельного участка при многоквартирном жилом доме.

    Rusia, Kirguistán, Asia, Asia central

    This Ministerial Decree shall be applicable to land plots of pertaining to condominiums (common property of the members of condominiums). Land plot shall be established and legalized as property for each separate condominium. This Ministerial Decree contains calculation formula for land area based on the number of apartments in a given condominium.

  8. Library Resource

    ПРАВИТЕЛЬСТВО РОССИЙСКОЙ ФЕДЕРАЦИИ ПОСТАНОВЛЕНИЕ от 31 октября 2011 г. N 874 МОСКВА Об утверждении Правил предоставления и распределения субсидий из федерального бюджета бюджетам субъектов Российской Федерации на возмещение части затрат...

    Rusia, Europa oriental, Europa

    This Ministerial Decree establishes the proceedings, terms and conditions for allocation and distribution of subsidies from federal budget to the regional budgets for partial compensation of expenditure of peasant farms, including individual entrepreneurs, for legalization of ownership of agricultural land.

  9. Library Resource

    An Ordinance to make provision for the orderly and progressive development of land, towns and other areas whether urban or rural, to preserve and improve the amenities thereof, and for matters connected therewith.

    Sri Lanka, Asia, Asia meridional

    The Ordinance provides for planning projects in order to improve the use of lands, their redistribution, the erection of infrastructures and further advance the development of urban areas.

    Implemented by: Order declaring Ambalanthota Girihandu Raja Maha Vihara as Sacred Area. (2010-03-31)
    Implemented by: Order declaring Ampara Deegavapi as Sacred Area . (2008-01-23)
    Implemented by: Order declaring Hittetiya Rajamahaa Vihara as a Sacred Area. (2014-02-05)

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