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    Diciembre, 2014
    República Centroafricana

    In 1984, the Land Tenure Center embarked on a project to evaluate the experiences with land registration and tenure reform in Africa. The goal was to determine is African states been able to use tenure reform and land registration to provide greater security of tenure than was available through customary tenure systems. Donor agencies focused attention on the creation of individual freehold title, emphasizing the heightened security of holding, marketability, and access to credit under such tenure.

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    Octubre, 2013

    This paper analyzes the impact of land titling on child health. The empirical evaluation of the effect of property rights typically suffers from selection problems. The paper addresses the selection issue by exploiting a natural experiment in the allocation of land titles. Twenty years ago, a group of squatters occupied a piece of privately owned land in a suburban area of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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    Mayo, 2013

    Rural Development - Common Property Resource Development Communities and Human Settlements - Land Use and Policies Rural Development - Rural Land Policies for Poverty Reduction Public Sector Management and Reform Urban Development - Urban Housing Public Sector Development

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    Noviembre, 2015
    India, Territorio Británico del Océano Índico

    Despite strong beliefs that property titling and registration will enhance credit access, empirical evidence in support of such effects remains scant. The gradual roll-out of computerization of land registry systems across Andhra Pradesh’s 387 sub-registry offices (SROs) allows us to combine quarterly administrative data on credit disbursed by all commercial banks for a 11 year period (1997-2007) aggregated to the SRO level with the date of shifting registration from manual to digital. Computerization had no credit effect in rural areas but led to increased credit-supply in urban ones.

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    Noviembre, 2016

    This paper analyzes the importance of legal property documents in providing tenure security, enhancing agricultural investment incentives and easing access to credit. While theory predicts that better property rights on land can increase investment through increased security, enhanced trade opportunities and increased collateral value of land, the presence and size of these effects depend crucially on whether those rights are properly enforced. In Nicaragua, a troubled history of land expropriation and invasion has undermined the credibility of the legal property regime.

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    Febrero, 2016
    Noruega, Tanzania

    We report on a randomized field experiment using price incentives to address both economic and gender inequality in land tenure formalization. During the 1990s and 2000s, nearly two dozen African countries proposed de jure land reforms extending access to formal, freehold land tenure to milions of poor households. Many of these reforms stalled. Titled land remains the de facto preserve of wealthy households and, within householsd, men.

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    Marzo, 2016

    "The proposition that it is land registration, which determines accessibility to formal credit for investment is common knowledge. Such a proposition is premised on the argument that land registration enables owners of registered landed property to use their property as collateral for loans from financial institutions.

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    Agosto, 2015
    Noruega, Tanzania

    The role of property rights in resource allocation has been one of the central themes in development economics. There exists extensive theoretical arguments that property rights in land are closely associated with the productive efficiency of agricultural resources as well as investment decisions. However, empirical findings have not been conclusive. This has been complicated due to possible endogeneity of titles, unobserved hetrogeneities and the non-experimental nature of the data. To overcome these problems, the study employs an instrumental variable and fixed effect models.

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