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    Enero, 2022

    Access to land is crucial for food systems to address the challenges caused by habitat and biodiversity loss, land and water degradation, and greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainable food production requires land security upstream for agricultural production. Land security emanates from the land law implemented in-country by government policy. In the span of a decade (2007–2017), three different land reforms have been adopted in Benin.

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    Enero, 1999
    India, Europa, Asia meridional

    Access to land is deeply important in rural India, where the incidence of poverty is highly correlated with lack of access to land. Mearns provides a framework for assessing alternative approaches to improving access to land by India's rural poor.

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    Enero, 2019

    The paper seeks to assess the impact of access to the land of Egypt on urban development in an attempt to identify policies and laws that can be categorized as a catalyst in urban conflict A systematicreview of Data on land tenure environment of Egypt land access land governance and tenure security the actors involved in these processes their roles the land tenure related challenges they face and measures that can be taken to address these challenges was collected at country level In the context of Egypt Access to land is deemed with obstacles confronting beneficiaries and legal procedures

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Diciembre, 2012

    Through LMAP, and subsequent LASSP, Cambodia has made impressive progress in building a functioning cadastral system over the last ten years. This process has proved complex and challenging, but since commencing, the land registration teams have successfully issued over 1.7 million land titles, a strong legal framework has been developed for the functioning of the land administration bodies and mechanism, institutions have been built and strengthened, and a dispute resolution process has been established for dealing with disputes over unregistered land.

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    Abril, 2018
    Alemania, Países Bajos

    When you buy a home, should that also mean you have to inform the whole world where you live, how much you paid for it, and whether you financed the purchase with a mortgage loan? In essence, the Netherlands and England & Wales answer this question in the affirmative. The only thing that stands in the way of anyone accessing this information in the land registry is the payment of a small fee. In Germany, on the other hand, access to this personal data is restricted to the person who can show a legitimate interest in the information.

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    Artículos de revistas y libros
    Enero, 2015

    Over the last decade, the Government of Rwanda (GoR) has introduced several land reforms through formulation and enactment of enabling legal framework, establishment of land administration institutions and implementation of national land tenure regularization. Further, the Land Act of 2013 stipulated that all landholders must formally register their land. To support registration compliance, the GoR decentralized the Land Administration System (LAS) to all District Land Bureaus (DLBs).

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    Seychelles, África, África oriental

    This Act provides rules for acquisition land in the public interest, including compulsory acquisition, and related matters such as claims to compensation, examination of land and the taking possession of land, registration of interest in land and (effects of) withdrawal from acquisition. Where the Minister is of the opinion that it is necessary to acquire any land in the public interest and that there is reasonable justification for causing any hardship to any person who has an interest in the land, the Minister may acquire that land in accordance with this Act.

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    Seychelles, África, África oriental

    These Regulations set out in the Schedule forms, which are prescribed for the purposes of the provisions of the Acquisition of Land in the Public Interest Act respectively specified in each such form. They include: particulars to be furnished under section 5(3) and 5(4) of the Act; Claim for compensation under section 12; Notice under section 9(2) of an owner whose lands is compulsory acquired under section 6.

    Implements: Acquisition of Land in the Public Interest Act (Cap. 1A). (1996-06-03)

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    Wet houdende verzelfstandiging van de Rijksdienst van het Kadaster en de Openbare Registers.

    Países Bajos, Europa, Europa occidental

    The scope of this Act is to give more autonomy to the Cadastre and Public Registers Department. Article 2 provides for the establishment of Cadastre and Public Registers Agency which shall be responsible for the keeping and administration of Public Registers pursuant to provisions of the Cadastre Act. Chapter 2 makes provision for the Board and the Supervisory Board of the Agency. The Board is vested with the management of the Agency (art. 7). The Supervisory Board shall supervise the Board's management and the general course of affairs in the organization of the Agency.

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    1997. évi CXLI. törvény az ingatlan-nyilvántartásról

    Hungría, Europa oriental, Europa

    This Act is divided in three Parts. Part One deals with Introductory Provisions and, in particular, with the electronic processing of records and data, and sets out the principles of real estate registration. Part Two regards the system of real estate registration and it has three Chapters determining the contents of real estate registers and the method of registration. Part Three consists of five Chapters which regard registration proceedings, legal remedy, use of data from real estate registers, rules on special procedures, and closing provisions.

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