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    China, Asia oriental, Asia

    These Regulations aim to protect, construct and utilize rationally grasslands, improve the ecological environment, maintain the biodiversity, develop modern animal husbandry, and promote the sustainable development of economy and society.

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    Irán, Asia occidental, Asia, Asia meridional

    Chapter one of this Law contains definitions of terms therein employed, such as: forest, forest bushes, desert shrubs, forest cover and regions, range, planted rangeland, logs and saplings. Chapter two sets out rules for exploitation and protection of the above mentioned areas. Forestry Organization, established within the Ministry of Agriculture, shall supervise and issue permits for each applicant regarding exploitation of these areas. Licence shall be valid up to one year.

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    Gida, Tarim Ve Hayvancilik Bakanliği Merkez Teşkilati Görev Yönergesi.

    Turquía, Asia occidental, Asia

    The provisions of this Directive are governed by the Minister of Food Agriculture and Livestock. This Directive sets forth the duties, powers and responsibilities of each central unit of the Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock and provides for the division of their duties, powers and responsibilities to avoid conflict of powers and overlap of duties.

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    г. Бишкек, Дом Правительства от 4 июня 2002 года № 360 Постановление Правительства Кыргызской Республики Об утверждении Положения о порядке предоставления в аренду и использования пастбищ

    Rusia, Kirguistán, Asia, Asia central

    This Ministerial Decree validates the Regulation on allotment in lease and management of pastures, the form of contract on lease of the pasture areas for stockbreeding purpose, lease of pasture areas for other purposes, form of forest land plot usage permit for silvopastoralism. Pasture areas allotted before 16 June 1999 for long-term use shall remain in use of the lessees until 2025. Lessee shall have the right to use waterbodies in accordance with the established limits.

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    Bhután, Asia, Asia meridional

    The newly instituted Survey and Demarcation Division shall conduct the survey and definiton of boundaries of the so called reserved Forests of Bhutan and shall widely spread information about the forest areas included under this provision, in order to ascertain eventual claims of rights on forests and their products, land and water courses or grazing and pasture rights. The involved land shall be excluded from the reserved forest areas or expropriated or acquired.

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    Turquía, Asia occidental, Asia

    The purpose of this Regulation is to determine lands that could be used for other than agricultural purposes when needed and to determine lands of with a potential high level of agricultural production. The Regulation sets forth provisions on cadastre, land registration, actions to be taken for protection of environment, land leveling by determining all vegetative production areas including meadow and pastures, preventive measures for erosion, efficient use of lands, drainage network, land valuation and land parceling, in the field of land consolidation.

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    Políticas Nacionales
    Egipto, África, Asia occidental, África septentrional

    In order to combat the desertification in Egypt, the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation together with the Desert Research Center have drafted this sectoral National Action Program (NAP), to be implemented in 5 years, as specified presenting the single projects.

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    Turquía, Asia occidental, Asia

    Articles 6, 9, 14, 30 have either been amended or new paragraphs have been added. The present Law also amends new articles of the Village Law of 1924, the Law on Natural Disasters 1959, and the Tourism Incentives Act of 1982. The formation of the technical teams is re-defined. The in-forest pastures and grazelands are re-defined by a committee set up by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and cannot be used for any other purposes unless their allocation purposes are modified.

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    República Popular Democrática de Corea, Asia oriental, Asia

    The Law totals 78 Articles and is divided in the following Chapters and: I, Fundamentals of the Agricultural Law; II, Agricultural Production; III, Strengthening of Material and Technological Foundation of Agriculture; IV, protection of Agricultural Resources; V, Management of Agricultural Products. The Law highlights agriculture as one of the major pillars of national economy because it ensures the supply of food to the population and the production of raw materials to be destined to industrial and commercial utilization.

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    Afganistán, Asia, Asia meridional

    This Law provides for the protection and use of pastures for cattle grazing and transhumance. It forbids the sale of lands destined to pastures for agricultural or commercial purposes and it prohibits the removal of pens or any other appliances built or existing in the pasture land. Offences and penalties for contravening the present law are detailed in the text.

    Repealed by: Law on Pasture and Grazing Land. (2000-04-00)

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