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    Junio, 2016

    This issue includes the following
    headings: Changes in Poverty and Female-Headed Households in
    Africa; Growth and Capital Inflows in Africa; Growth and
    Capital Inflows in Africa; Vulnerability to Climate Change
    in Coastal Bangladesh; Improving Agricultural Data for
    Better Policies; Enhancing Transparency of Large-Scale Land
    Acquisition; Explaining the Gender Gap in Agricultural
    Productivity; Changing Patterns of Growth and Poverty

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    Junio, 2016

    The Country Partnership Framework (CPF)
    for Montene gro covers the period from July 1, 2015 to June
    30, 2020 (fiscal years 2016-2020). This CPF builds on the
    results and lessons of the previous World Bank Group (WBG)
    Country Partnership Strategy (CPS), which originally covered
    the period July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2014, and was
    subsequently extended to June 30, 2015.The one-year CPS)
    extension was intended to provide greater clarity on the

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    Julio, 2016

    This paper combines theory with data
    from different domains to provide an empirical analysis of
    the scale and variability of social capital as wealth. The
    analysis is used to argue, given what has been learned from
    the literature on social capital, that the welfare returns
    to investing in trust could be substantial. Using data from
    132 nations covered by the Gallup World Poll, the paper
    presents a range of estimates of the wealth-equivalent

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    Julio, 2016

    Improving the productivity of
    smallholder farms in Sub-Saharan Africa offers the best
    chance to reduce poverty among this generation of rural
    poor, by building on the limited resources farming
    households already possess. It is also the best and shortest
    path to meet rising food needs. Using examples from
    farmers' maize and rice fields, and comparisons with
    Asia, this paper examines why the set of technologies

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    Julio, 2016

    The idea of social inclusion has
    garnered considerable attention, especially in the context
    of two recent developments: the Sustainable Development
    Goals and the heightened attention to inequality. This paper
    reviews the manner and extent to which social inclusion is
    addressed in the first 17 Systematic Country Diagnostics
    (SCDs), which are ex ante, country-level assessments
    conducted by the World Bank Group, ahead of the preparation

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    Julio, 2016
    África, África subsahariana

    This paper assesses the relation between
    access to markets and cultivated land in Sub-Saharan Africa.
    Making use of a geo-referenced panel over three decades
    (1970-2005) during which the road network was significantly
    improved, the analysis finds a modest but significant
    positive association between increased market accessibility
    and local cropland expansion. It also finds that cropland
    expansion, in turn, is associated with a small but

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    Julio, 2016

    Financial regulation affects government
    revenue whenever it imposes both the mandatory quantity and
    price of government bonds. This paper studies a banking
    regulation adopted by the National Bank of Ethiopia in April
    2011, which forces all private banks to purchase a fixed
    negative-yield government bond in proportion to private
    sector lending. Having access to monthly bank balance
    sheets, a survey of branch costs and public finances

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    Julio, 2016

    In absence of deposit insurance,
    underdeveloped financial systems can exhibit a coordination
    failure between banks, unable to commit on safe asset
    holding, and depositors, anticipating low deposit repayment
    in bad states. This paper shows conditions under which a
    government can solve this failure by imposing safe asset
    purchases, which boosts deposits by increasing depositor
    repayment in bad states. In so doing, financial regulation

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    Enero, 2016

    The objective of this paper is to synthesize the findings of six individual case studies (Bucaramanga, Colombia; Coimbatore, India; Kigali, Rwanda; Gaziantep, Turkey; Changsha, China; and Tangier, Morocco) by analyzing the similarities and dissimilarities among them and identifying common, cross-cutting themes. The intent is to highlight what institutions and strategies successful cities have relied on to spur
    economic development, under what conditions such success has occurred, and what lessons of this experience might be applicable to decision makers in other cities.

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    Febrero, 2016
    América Latina y el Caribe

    In 2013 the World Bank set itself two
    ambitious goals: to end extreme poverty within a generation
    and to boost the prosperity of the bottom 40 percent of the
    population worldwide. In Latin America, the significance of
    both goals cannot be overstated. Indigenous people account
    for about 8 percent of the population, but represent 14
    percent of the poor and over 17 percent of all Latin
    Americans living on less than United States (U.S.) $2.50 a

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