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    ПОСТАНОВЛЕНИЕ СОВЕТА МИНИСТРОВ РЕСПУБЛИКИ БЕЛАРУСЬ 28 февраля 2006 г. № 292 Об утверждении формы договора аренды земельного участка

    Belarús, Europa oriental, Europa

    This Ministerial Decree validates the form of land lease contract. The contract envisages the purposeful use of the plot of land, the amount of rent, the boundaries of the plot of land and establishes terms and conditions of lease.

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    Francia, Europa, Europa occidental

    Le régime des autorisations d'urbanismé, regroupées en trois permis (permis de construire, permis d'aménager et permis de démolir) et une déclaration préalable est définit par les dispositions du présent arrêté.

    Met en oeuvre: Décret nº 2007-18 pris pour l’application de l’ordonnance n° 2005-1527 relative au permis de construire et aux autorisations d'urbanisme. (2007-01-05)

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    Santo Tomé y Príncipe, África, África Central

    This Decision establishes the cases in which the contractual rescinding procedure for agricultural land concession will be started by the State. It consists of 6 articles specifying these cases and conditions to be satisfied for obtaining the contract renewing.

    Implements: Decree-Law No. 51/91 regulating the distribution of State agricultural lands. (1991-10-03)

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    Rusia, Europa oriental, Europa

    This Federal Law introduces the notion of joint ownership that includes the ownership of the plot of land, on which the edifice is situated, within the boundaries delimited by law. The joint owners are obliged to treat with care the plots of land on which the edifice is situated. The joint ownership extends to the adjoining plots of land within the boundaries delimited by law with the greenery growing on them.

    Implements: Federal Law No. 72-FZ on condominiums. (1996-06-15)
    Implements: Law No. 4218-I on basic federal housing policy. (1992-12-24)

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    Rusia, Europa oriental, Europa

    The people's deputies are entitled to verify the results of the application of the Russian land legislation and to make up for the deficiency and drawbacks in the promotion of land reform in accordance with the local executive authorities and the representatives of the local branches of the Federal Committee on Land Reform and Land Resources and of the local prosecutor's office.

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    Rusia, Europa oriental, Europa

    The purpose of this Order is to guarantee the accomplishment of the Presidential Decree No. 337 of 1996 "On carrying into effect the constitutional right of the citizens on land". This Order entitles the State Committee on Land, in accordance with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Justice, to validate the forms of contract dealing with the transfer of the land shares in leasehold to agricultural enterprises, farmers, to stock capital of the agricultural enterprises.

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    Nepal, Asia, Asia meridional

    In Rule 8, relative to the issue of landownership registration certificates, a subsection relating to land-ownership certificates, has been added. Such certificates for land in areas prescribed by the Government shall be in the form as set out in the (new) Fifth Schedule. A new section (12A) gives power to the Government of Nepal to make amendments to the Schedules attached to the principal Rules.

    Amends: Land (Survey and Measurement) Rules, 1975. (1979-11-21)

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    India, Asia, Asia meridional

    This Circular of the Department of Environment, Forests and Wildlife to Forest Secretaries of all States and other territories concerns the involvement of village communities and voluntary agencies for regeneration of degraded forest lands. The National Forest Policy envisages it as one of the essentials of forest management that the forest communities should be motivated to identify themselves with the development and protection of forests from which they derive benefits.

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    An Act to amend section 7 of the Registration of Title Act, 1964, and to provide for connected matters.

    Irlanda, Europa, Europa septentrional

    Section 7 of the Registration of Title Act, 1964, is hereby amended- (a) by the substitution of the following section for subsection (1): "(1) There shall be- (a) an office (in this Act referred to as 'the central office') consisting of one or more than one constituent offices situated in the county borough of Dublin and in such other area or areas (if any) as the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform may designate by order under subsection (5), and (b) an office (in this Act referred to as a 'local office') in each county other than- (i) the county borough of Dublin, the administra

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