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    Marzo, 2012

    A Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA) was
    undertaken to assess the returns to land management
    practices of major land use types, namely forests,
    rangelands, and selected crops (rice, maize, cotton, and
    millet). Also the public expenditure on SLM was reviewed
    and an assessment carried out how the expenditure is aligned
    to land policies and how it is targeted to land degradation
    hotspots. The results show that, without some form of

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    Febrero, 2013
    Sudán del Sur, Sudán

    This study responds to the need for
    information and analysis on the urban sector in South Sudan,
    to inform the Bank's policy dialogue with the
    Government of the Republic of South Sudan (GoSS) on urban
    and local government issues, and to inform the design of
    future Bank assistance. The first phase of this analytical
    exercise, which is the focus of this report, develops an
    overview of the urban landscape. A second phase of this

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    Octubre, 2013

    The financial sector comprises all
    institutions and agencies that are involved in financing the
    economy, mobilizing savings, managing risks and providing
    means of payment. In view of the importance of the services
    rendered, the financial sector constitutes the footing of
    development of the national economy. Economic growth,
    private sector development, job creation and poverty
    reduction depend on a sound, efficient and vigorous

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    Junio, 2012

    This paper uses Ethiopian data to
    explore credit rationing in semi-formal credit markets and
    its effects on farmers' resource allocation and crop
    productivity. Credit rationing -- both voluntarily and
    involuntarily -- is found to be widespread in the sampled
    rural villages, largely because of risk-related factors.
    Political and social networks emerge as key determinants of
    access to credit among smallholder, peasant farmers.

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    Marzo, 2013

    The objective of conducting this case
    study on Mozambique is to uncover the pattern of municipal
    Information and Communication Technology (ICT) impact that
    may exist in other low-capacity countries with analogous
    political economy structures in relation to leveraging ICT
    in public sectors. The study concludes by suggesting
    measures to link the continent's ICT boom in
    citizen-based mobile telephony and internet usage with the

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    Marzo, 2012
    Etiopía, Ghana

    Poverty, environment, social
    development, and gender are important cross-cutting themes
    of the World Bank and government investment programs,
    especially within the Sustainable Development Network (SDN).
    For developing sectoral strategies and programs, economic,
    environment and social assessments are undertaken, however,
    these are usually done separately, and most often gender
    issues are not included. This is a missed opportunity,

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    Marzo, 2013

    At an average above 6.0 percent per year
    over the past two decades, Uganda' s growth rate was
    impressive by all standards. In parallel, poverty declined
    significantly, not only in urban areas, but also to some
    extent within the rural areas. This combination was possible
    because the key drivers of growth were labor-intensive
    services sectors, some of which are agriculture based. In
    fact, Uganda's growth process has reduced overall

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    Marzo, 2012

    The aim of this paper is to study the
    short and long-term fertility effects of mass violent
    conflict on different population sub-groups. The authors
    pool three nationally representative demographic and health
    surveys from before and after the genocide in Rwanda,
    identifying conflict exposure of the survivors in multiple
    ways. The analysis finds a robust effect of genocide on
    fertility, with a strong replacement effect for lost

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    Marzo, 2012

    The objective of this study on the
    Development of 13 Mozambican Municipalities in Central and
    Northern Mozambique is to assess the impact that the 2008
    reforms on own-source revenues is having on the municipal
    revenue potential. To do so, it calculates the revenue
    potential of four fiscal and three non-fiscal revenue
    sources. The analysis shows that there is substantial
    untapped revenue potential at the municipal level, with

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    Abril, 2014

    The conflicting relationship between
    peace and justice is frequently debated in the field of
    transitional justice. The obligation to prosecute serious
    crimes can contradict the measures necessary to reestablish
    peace among society. The predicament gives rise to a
    similar, though less obvious, challenge in many developing
    countries, where the formal justice system can be at odds
    with conflict management initiatives. Often, due to their

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