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    Junio, 2012
    Islas Salomón

    In May 2006, the Government of the
    Solomon Islands placed rural development at the top of its
    policy agenda. The Solomon Islands Government's May
    2006 Policy Framework Document places emphasis on
    development through a bottom-up and holistic approach that
    encompasses the empowerment of the people through rural
    advancement strategies, the pursuit of the Millennium
    Development Goals, the revitalization of the economy,

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    Junio, 2012

    This review aims to identify ways of improving the structure and efficiency of the transport sector in Tonga. It seeks to provide a coherent and consistent analysis and evaluation, recommending appropriate directions and actions; identifies institutional structures for policy and planning, regulation, infrastructure and operations management, and service delivery; assesses options and provides recommendations for sustainable financing; and advises on infrastructure development and maintenance priorities across all sectors.

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    Marzo, 2013

    The Government of Vanuatu requested
    assistance from the World Bank to strengthen utility
    regulation. The government wants a regulatory system which
    will ensure that water, electricity and telecommunications
    services are provided efficiently, to a good quality
    standard, at reasonable prices. The public private
    infrastructure advisory facility provided funding for
    Castalia and network strategies to carry out an initial

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    Agosto, 2013

    The Review suggests the outlines of an
    architecture for microfinance in Fiji in which the National
    Centre for Small and Micro-Enterprise Development (NCSMED),
    as envisioned by the Government of Fiji, is the primary
    source of funding and technical assistance for microfinance
    institutions. But to assure a sound financial sector
    building approach to policy it is desirable that the Royal
    Bank of Fiji also have substantial input. The Review also

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    Artículos de revistas y libros
    Marzo, 2014
    Papua Nueva Guinea

    The Government extension services in Papua New Guinea (PNG) are weak. There is a general lack of money and staff, and the country has a poor infrastructure. Above all small-scale farmers in remote areas are left out of developments. This applies in particular to women farmers, despite their providing 85 per cent of the rural workforce.

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    Diciembre, 1901

    The constitution was passed by the Imperial (British) Parliament and given royal assent by Queen Victoria.

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    Diciembre, 2013

    The constitution was signed by President Epeli Nailatikau.

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    Diciembre, 1979

    The constitution was promulgated by the British Parliament as part of independence.

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