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    Julio, 1983

    The objective of this Law is to specify which movable and immovable cultural and natural assets shall be preserved and to establish an organization which will implement provisions of this Law and to determine its functions (art. 1). "Natural assets" are defined as "valuables from geological, pre-historic and historic are, on surface, under the ground or under water, of which the preservation is essential due to their unique features and beauty". All assets covered by this Law which are known, or shall be discovered in the future, will be considered as state property (art. 5).

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    Toprak Koruma ve Arazi Kullanımı Kanunu Uygulama Yönetmeliği.

    Diciembre, 2005

    The objective of this Regulation is to define procedures and principles regarding the implementation of the Law on Soil Preservation and Land Utilization. A nine-member Land Preservation Board shall be established in each province, chaired by the Governor. Its main tasks include, inter alia, the research, assessment and monitoring of all activities involving land utilization; and, the implementation and conformity of national, regional or local level plans. Procedural details are provided in the Regulation.

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    МОНГОЛ УЛСЫН ҮНДСЭН ХУУЛЬ 1992 оны 1 дүгээр сарын 13 -ны өдөр.

    Enero, 1992

    Mongolia is an independent, sovereign republic (Article 1). Mongolia's economy is based on different forms of property following both universal trends of world economic development and national specifics. The State recognizes all forms of both public and private property and legally protects the right to ownership. The livestock of the country is national wealth and subject to state protection. The land, its subsoil, forests, water, fauna, and flora and other natural resources are subject to national sovereignty and state protection.

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