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    Resource aggregated from the Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs
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    Enero, 2023
    Estados Unidos de América

    Rapid urbanization is leading to a drastic hike in anthropogenic activities and urban surface alterations As a result there are many repercussions one of them being higher temperatures in urban areas when compared to rural areas This phenomenon is termed Urban Heat Island UHI The impacts of urban surface characteristics climate and population density on UHI have been extensively studied However the influence of UHI on the local climate remains elusive Relatively few studies demonstrate interrelation between UHI population density and unanticipated precipitation events Therefore it is import

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    Resource aggregated from the Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs
    Artículos de revistas y libros
    Enero, 2022
    Egipto, Estados Unidos de América

    Tourism is a major economic source for Egypt due to its significant natural and cultural attractions Yet rapid development and construction of touristic facilities have a negative impact on the fragile natural and cultural heritage This paper studies the recent touristic developments of the coastal stretch of AinSukhna on the Red Sea coastal region of Galala Mountain and their impact on the surrounding natural and cultural attractions Coral reefs and rich marine life have made this stretch among the prime fishing and scuba diving destinations in the world The area is also famous for its yea

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    Enero, 2019
    Brasil, Estados Unidos de América

    The following research is based on the affirmation that urban sustainability in developing regions such as Latin America is an impossible goal to be totally achieved due to the circumstances of poverty informality slums corruption violence among others that exist there Therefore urban sustainability in the cities of this region has to be reached through survival efforts that seek to balance the existing inequalities urban justice So the first step to take is to detect and measure those inequalities in order to be able to take actions to eradicate or decrease them The research presents five

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    Enero, 2021

    Participation in decisionmaking processes foreshadows enabling citizens communities nongovernmental organizations and other interested parties to influence the formulation of policies and laws affecting them The purpose of this study is not only to review Lithuanian legal documents but also to analyse recent processes in Kaunas city planning Kaunas city is undergoing various urban processes which do not always meet the needs of the community This study presents an analysis of the forms of community involvement in the urban planning processes and survey data on the effectiveness of community

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    Enero, 2020

    Rapid urbanization has led to the influx of people into urban areas as people seek better life opportunities This migration has however largely not been planned resulting in population explosions in the cities Relying on existing research on the topic and government reports this study finds that many middle and lowincome families in Kenya have ended up living in informal settlements in urban areas due to housing unaffordability The study further determines that the problem of housing is more pronounced in developing countries Studies related to this issue establish that the housing crisis c

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    Enero, 2021
    Arabia Saudita, Estados Unidos de América

    New revitalization and regeneration strategies are currently taking place as a scheme for reassessing urban spaces This paper as a result navigates the theory of Urban Acupuncture UA as a quick and effective tool that can be adopted in large cities Using Riyadh city as a case study it discusses how this tool can be used to achieve maximum results with minimal effort in the most critical places Riyadh city is the capital of Saudi Arabia and is considered one of the fastestgrowing metropolitan cities in the Arab world Through time it has transformed into a city with leftover open spaces and a

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    Enero, 2018
    Reino Unido, Estados Unidos de América, Japón

    Population and land use outmigrations from urban to peripheral areas can result in nonfunctional unmaintained historic structures which deteriorate to the point where removal is cheaper than removal or demolition by neglect The increasing rate of neglected historic structures is a growing concern There is a need for research investigating connections between urban growth management and its effect on neglect This paper applies Newmans 2013 conceptual model of measuring neglect to Geographic Information Systems comparing rates of neglect in historic Doylestown Quakertown and Bristol boroughs

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    Enero, 2018

    The significance of neighbourhood in hosting a group of dwellings units and possessing adequate communal facilities could not be overemphasized in the study of people and place relationships There are two main objectives of this study i to study the neighbourhoods associated challenges through the size growth and land use distribution and ii to investigate the perceived inhabitants activities pattern within the neighbourhood The objectives are explored through a morphological and GISbased land use analysis of a rural neighbourhood in Southwest Nigeria The town is studied in three transforma

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    Enero, 2018
    Nigeria, Portugal

    This paper assesses the impact of periurbanisation on housing environmental quality and residents sociodemography in IbejuLekki periurban in Lagos Nigeria Primary data was collected through administration of 370 questionnaires to household heads in purposively selected sixteen settlements in the study area while secondary data was sourced from spatial images land use maps and satellite images of the study area Quantitative data were analysed using descriptive statistics while qualitative data was analysed using time series and satellite image analysis The result shows a spatial expansion du

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    Artículos de revistas y libros
    Enero, 2017

    During the different period of architectural design designers attempt to achieve a high level of life quality for all users Architecture and urban planner want to provide a style of design which not only achieves different function for different users with respect to their ethnicity ability age sex capability position and lifestyle but also improve the friendly environment throughout responsive legislation based on longterm planning Although the styles are considered some indicators it is ignored the other important characteristics Therefore the existing styles never achieve the standard le

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