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    Octubre, 2016

    This Act adds a new Chapter to the Liberian Code to create the Liberian Land Authority. The Authority shall be a body corporate and shall be governed by a Commission. The primary mandate of the Authority is to develop policies on a continuous basis, undertake actions and implement programs for land governance.

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    Agosto, 2012

    El presente Decreto Ley establece un régimen especial de Seguridad Social que protege a los usufructuarios de tierra, incluidos los usufructuarios para el cultivo de tabaco, café y cacao. El régimen especial de Seguridad Social ofrece protección ante la vejez, la invalidez total temporal o permanente y, en caso de muerte, a su familia, así como a la usufructuaria ante la maternidad, de acuerdo con lo regulado en el presente decreto ley.

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    Marzo, 2017

    This Decree, consisting of 10 articles, creates the Land Regularization Programme for Rural Land in the State of Rio Grande do Sul. This Land Regularization Programme aims at legitimizing land tenure and granting the right to use vacant rural lands, such as: those lands not included in the Union; those belonging to the domain of the State, are not used by the Public Power or intended for specific administrative purposes, and those that, not belonging to the domain of the Union, and are not in the private domain by any legitimate title.

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    Enero, 2010

    The present Act provides for the orderly carrying out of professional land surveying in the Province of Nova Scotia.

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    Julio, 2016
    Nueva Zelandia

    The purpose of this Act, consisting of 135 sections, divided into three Parts and completed by four Schedules, is: to record in English and te reo Māori the acknowledgements and apology given by the Crown to Hineuru in the deed of settlement; and to give effect to certain provisions of the deed of settlement that settles the historical claims of Hineuru.

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    Diciembre, 1991

    The Act regulates simplified procedure for proving unlawfulness of expropriation of property in Estonia. If a natural person having been the owner of property was forced to abandon his or her property during the period between 16 June 1940 and 1 January 1954 due to escaping from his or her place of residence or the location of property or in connection with refusing to return to Estonia while staying abroad, the property must be deemed to be abandoned due to a real danger of repression.

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    Julio, 2016

    This Federal Law regulates relations originating from state cadastre valuation of the territory of the Russian Federation. The state cadastre valuation is conducted on the basis of the principles of the uniformity of the methodology for determining cadastral value, the continuity of the updating of the information necessary for determining the cadastral value, independence and openness of state cadastral valuation procedures at each stage of their implementation, economic feasibility and verifiability of re-assessment of cadastral value.

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    Junio, 1991

    The Law determines principles for land use and land survey in Latvia. Its purpose is to protect the rights of land users and regulate the basic regulations for land use. The norms of this Law are applicable if the Law on Completion of State and Local Government Property Privatisation and Utilisation of Privatisation Certificates does not prescribe otherwise.

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