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    Australia, Oceanía

    The Plan consists of the following Parts: Preliminary (1); General restrictions on development of land (2); Additional provisions for development (3); Heritage (4). The Plan aims at: (a) providing planning controls for the local government area of Botany; (b) rationalising and simplifying zoning and development controls; (c) providing direction and guidance to the community concerning desired growth and change in the local government area of Botany and the manner in which growth and change are proposed to be managed.

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    Australia, Oceanía

    Principal aims and objectives of the Plan are: (a) to provide an updated and simplified plan for the area of Great Lakes; (b) to protect and enhance the environmental qualities of the area; (c) to promote the well-being of the area's population; (d) to provide a land use framework to guide the future use of the land within the area of Great Lakes; (e) to provide a basis for the preparation of detailed development control plans; (f) to improve opportunities for ecologically sustainable development; (g) to provide for the cultural needs of and the equitable provision of services and facilitie

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    Cabo Verde, África, África occidental

    This Act regulates forestry activity. It consists of 14 Chapters specifying authorized activities to be performed by public and private entities in order to protect national forests. It also establishes national administration competencies and actions to be carried out by the Government of Cape Verde for managing forestry resources. Chapter I defines all sectors relative to forestry activity (i.e.

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    An Act to make provision for the conservation of soil resources, for the prevention or mitigation of soil erosion and for the protection of land against damage by floods and drought.

    Sri Lanka, Asia, Asia meridional

    The Act aims at the conservation of soil resources for the prevention or mitigation of soil erosion and at the protection of land against damages by flood and drought. On the basis of surveys and investigations carried out by the Director of Agriculture for the purposes of ascertaining the nature and extent of soil erosion and of damages to land caused by floods and drought, the Minister may by Order published in the Gazette declare any area to be an erodible area.

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    Panamá, Américas, América central

    El presente Texto Único de la Ley Nº 41, Ley General de Ambiente, que comprende las reformas aprobadas por la Ley Nº 18 de 2003, la Ley Nº 44 de 2006, la Ley Nº 65 de 2010 y la Ley Nº 8 de 2015, reconociendo que la administración del ambiente es una obligación del Estado, por tanto, mediante la presente Ley, establece los principios y normas básicas para la protección, conservación y recuperación del ambiente, promoviendo el uso sostenible de los recursos naturales.

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    Italia, Europa, Europa meridional

    This Act regulates interventions in matter of soil and forest conservation and management for the following purposes: (a) improvement of productive and social potential of existing forests; (b) protection of the environment and hydrogeological resources; (c) promotion of agro-forestry and sylvo-pastoralism in mountain areas; (d) improvement of quality life of communities concerned.

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    Costa Rica, América central, Américas

    La Ley consta de 6 títulos y 67 artículos. INDICE: Disposiciones generales (I); Organización institucional (II); Manejo y conservación de suelos (III); Participación de los particulares (IV); Acciones punibles (V); Disposiciones finales (VI).La presente Ley tiene como fin fundamental proteger, conservar y mejorar los suelos en gestión integrada y sostenible con los demás recursos naturales, mediante el fomento y la planificación ambiental adecuada (art. 1º).

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    An Act relating to the subdivision and management of certain land at Cullen Bay and the obligations and liabilities of certain persons in relation to the development of that land, and for other purposes.

    Australia, Oceanía

    The Developer shall, before lodging a survey plan for the development area with the Surveyor-General, prepare a lot plan in accordance with this section (sect. 3). A schedule of lot entitlements for the purposes of this Act shall be prepared by a valuer as defined in the Valuation of Land Act (sect. 5). The Registrar-General shall, at the time of creating a folio of the Register under the Real Property Act in respect of a lot, record on the Register and the certificate as to title in relation to the lot (sect. 6).

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    Luxemburgo, Europa, Europa occidental

    Les articles suivants du susdit règlement sont modifiés: L'article 2 contenant les diverses zones du plan d'aménagement global; l'article 3 sur la zone non-aedificandi; l'article 4 traitant la zone d'activité économique sud; l'article 5 sur la zone verte. Après l'article 10, il est ajouté un article 10a concernant la zone d'activité économique nord. Le règlement est composé par 2 articles et 1 annexe portant le plan d'aménagement global, Haff Réimech.

    Modifie: Règlement grand-ducal déclarant obligatoire le plan d'aménagement global "Haff Réimech". (1997-04-10)

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