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    Act No. 16, 2008

    Diciembre, 2008

    An Act to provide for the management of the division of buildings into units, clusters, blocks and sections owned individually of co-owned and use ofdesignated areas; to provide for issuance of certificate of unit titles for the individual ownership of the units, clusters, or section of the building, management and resolution of disputes arising from the use of common property; to provide for use of common property by occupiers other than owners and to provide for related matten.

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Diciembre, 2012

    This Handbook is a simplified tool for easy operationalization of the Unit Titles Act and the accompanying laws. The Handbook has been divided into six substantive chapters that summarises the required processes, documents and output. The first chapter provides for the essential terminologies in Unit Title Properties and their manner of application. This part has been supplemented by corresponding glossary of the end of chapter six. 

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    Chapter 295

    Agosto, 1990

    An Act to dissolve the Registrar of Buildings, to reconstitute the National Housing Corporation and to provide for related or consequential matters.  

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    Chapter 270

    Agosto, 1978

    An Act to provide for the registration of professional surveyors, the establishment of a National Council to regulate the standards of conduct and activities of professional surveyors and for matters connected with the practice of the profession of land surveying and land economy.  

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    Innovations in Land Tenure Systems and Land Titling (Cross-Cutting)
    Informes e investigaciones
    Febrero, 2018

    During its transition from racial apartheid to democracy in 1994, South Africa’s government announced it would strengthen the tenure rights of the estimated 16 million citizens who lived on communal land. By 2012, however, the government’s own reports concluded that the country had made little progress in the area of communal tenure reform.

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     Indigenous Land Titling Guide
    Recursos y herramientas de capacitación
    Enero, 2019
    América del Sur

    Ensuring the collective survival of indigenous peoples requires guaranteeing their rights and access to traditional lands. In Colombia, indigenous peoples’ struggle for ancestral land rights has been ongoing for more than four centuries, marked by collective mobilization and pressure before official entities.

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    Webinar Report: Land in Post-Conflict Settings
    Informes e investigaciones
    Junio, 2019
    Uganda, Myanmar, Global

    Post-war societies not only have to deal with continuing unpeaceful relations but also land-related conflict legacies, farmland and forest degradation, heavily exploited natural resources, land mines, a destroyed infrastructure, as well as returning refugees and ex-combatants. In the aftermath of war, access to and control of land often remains a sensitive issue which may precipitate tensions and lead to a renewed destabilization of volatile post-conflict situations.

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    2018 Land Portal Annual Report
    Informes e investigaciones
    Agosto, 2019

    We’re pleased to share the Land Portal Foundation's 2018 Annual Report. The report demonstrates how we are working to create a vibrant information ecosystem on land that contributes to better informed decisions and policy making on land throughout the world. This report showcases our efforts improve documentation, mapping and monitoring of land governance issues, to promote, inform and enrich global debate on key land issues and to raise awareness on open data principles to strengthen the flow of land governance information at all levels.

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    Informal settlements and access to data in the time of COVID: a case for sharing data for decision making

    A Webinar Report

    Informes e investigaciones
    Noviembre, 2020
    África austral

    The spread of COVID-19 in South Africa and other countries in the region has again brought to the fore the fact that very dense, under-serviced, mostly informal, settlements are not healthy places to live. They are also places where the spread of a disease is difficult to prevent or manage.

    The kind of emergency response that was required to address the imminent spread of COVID-19 highlighted the widespread vulnerability of the poorest, compounded by highly unequal access to services and ongoing unhealthy living conditions.

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    Adaptive Perspectives from the Global South

    Adaptive Perspectives from the Global South

    Artículos de revistas y libros
    Mayo, 2021
    África, América Latina y el Caribe, Asia, Global

    This book re-considers property law for a future of environmental disruption.

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