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    An Act to protect farmers whose titles to land are found to be defective.

    Ghana, África, África occidental

    The Act provides for the protection of farmers whose titles to land are found to be defective. Titles to land for the purpose of farming acquired after the commencement of this Act shall be deemed extinguished if the land is not used for farming for a period of eight years (sect. 1). Where a farmer has, in good faith, acquired any land by customary law or otherwise in a prescribed area for purposes of farming in the period between 1940 and 1962, such title shall be validated notwithstanding any defect in the title (sects. 2-1). (5 sections)

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    An Act to provide for the better utilisation of land in designated areas by land planning and soil conservation and for the establishment of committees for purposes incidental to this.

    Ghana, África, África occidental

    This Act establishes committees with powers to preserve and reclaim land and to protect water resources in approved areas of the Gold Coast. The Minister may declare, for the purposes of preserving land, reclaiming land and protecting water resources, any area within a designated area to be a planning area and establish a planning committee for such area (sect. 3 and 4).

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    Madagascar, África, África oriental

    Cette ordonnance porte institution du classement des terres rurales en 3 zones préférencielles: terres à vocation forestière et de protection, terres à vocation pastorale et terres à vocation agricole et d'élevage intensif. Elle indique aussi le régime juridique afférent à chacune de ces zones.

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