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    Informes e investigaciones
    Junio, 2012

    Slum upgrading programs are being used by national and city governments in many countries to improve the welfare of households living in slum and squatter settlements. These programs typically include a combination of improvements in neighborhood infrastructure, land tenure, and building quality. In this paper, the authors develop a dynamic general equilibrium model to compare the effectiveness of alternative slum upgrading instruments in a second-best setting with distortions in the land and credit markets.

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    Marzo, 2013

    East Sudan has received a continuous
    influx of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees
    over the last forty years. Mass influxes were witnessed
    during years when the region experienced natural
    catastrophes as droughts and floods, or an escalation of
    tensions and conflict in neighboring countries, mainly
    Eritrea and Ethiopia. Presently there is still a steady but
    smaller in numbers influx of refugees, mostly from Eritrea,

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    Agosto, 2012

    Sound, deep, and efficient financial
    sectors are vital for high sustained, private sector-led
    growth. But financial sectors in their current form pose
    major problems for the economies of sub Saharan Africa
    (SSA). Insufficient access to credit by small and medium-
    sized enterprises constrains their ability to expand and
    limits countries' growth potential. Most households
    cannot build formal savings, so their ability to escape

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    Marzo, 2013

    Reducing emissions from deforestation
    and forest degradation and enhancing carbon stocks (REDD+)
    has raised the profile of benefit sharing in the forest
    sector. Sharing benefits, however, is not a new concept.
    Previous work on benefit sharing (associated with
    intellectual property, forest and agriculture concessions,
    mining, and so forth) has focused on clarifying the concept
    and examining how benefit sharing could feed into broader

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    Diciembre, 2014

    Benin has made substantial progress over
    the past decade in reinforcing macroeconomic stability,
    which has laid the foundation for modest but accelerating
    growth. After averaging less than 3.7 percent from
    2007-2011, GDP growth rose to 5.4 percent in 2012 and
    reached 5.6 percent in 2013. Growth is expected to remain
    strong at 5.5 percent in 2014. Benin s enhanced growth
    performance has been supported by ongoing efficiency

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    Enero, 2014

    This paper is a post-conference summary
    of the International Conference on Land Policy Reform that
    took place in Jarkarta from July 25-27, 2000. The paper
    concerns best practice in land administration systems. While
    the paper is focussed on world's best practice, it does
    so in the context of developing and emerging industrial
    countries such as Indonesia which have diverse land tenure
    relationships ranging from areas in cities with active land

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    Canadá, Américas, América Septentrional

    The present Regulation enforces the Agricultural Operation Practices Act. The Regulations lays down provisions relating to administrative procedures of the Natural Resources Conservation Board which is mandated under the afore-mentioned Act to review applications for new or expanding confined feeding operations, to monitor and enforce compliance with the Act, its Regulations and permit conditions, and to conduct hearings to review decisions.

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    Artículos de revistas y libros
    Documentos de política y resúmenes
    Febrero, 2021

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    Marzo, 2007

    The Act is enacted to perfect cadastral management, ensure land rights, and promote land use.In order to investigate cadastral registration in which the contents of rights are incomplete or inconsistent with the existing laws and regulations, after clarifying the content of rights and ownership, the authority concerned shall register again. The municipal or county (city) authority concerned shall investigate within its jurisdiction the land cadastre.

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    Cadastral maps as a basis for developing street maps: examples from Australia and Brunei
    Documentos de conferencias e informes
    Noviembre, 2011
    Brunei Darussalam, Australia

    Cadastral maps can be used as an effective initial set of data for new street maps in particular, and any type of large scale map project in general. This is due to a) a high degree of currency and accuracy of the digital cadastral database (DCDB); b) DCDB’s overall high level of reliability in terms of completeness; and c) the availability of DCDB to the public. It is within the context of these three notable features that the Australian and Bruneian experiences with DCDB are examined.

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