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    An Act to repeal the Abandoned Lands Act 1965 and to make fresh provision for the reversion and revesting in Her Majesty of lands that have been abandoned.

    Australia, Oceanía

    An Act to provide for the control of abandoned lands in Tasmania. The Minister may issue an abandoned land notice in respect of land which meets requirements set out in section 4. Where the Minister is satisfied that a person is entitled to any estate or interest in the land to which an abandoned land notice relates, he may exclude from the operation of the notice those rights or, by agreement with that person, some other rights in substitution therefore.

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    An Act to make fresh provisions with respect to the management, sale, and disposal of the lands of the Crown.

    Australia, Oceanía

    This Act, consisting of 74 sections divided into seven Parts and completed by six Schedules, makes provision for the tenure, management, and alienation of crown lands. "Crown lands" means land which is vested in the Crown, and which is not contracted to be granted in fee simple; and includes land granted in fee simple which has revested in the Crown by way of purchase or otherwise. Subject to this Act the Minister has power to manage and dispose of all Crown land. Land districts and parishes existing at the commencement of this Act are continued for the purposes of this Act.

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    An Act to provide for the registration of certain forestry rights granted in respect of land and to amend the Land Titles Act 1980.

    Australia, Oceanía

    This Act, consisting of 11 sections completed by one Schedule, aims to define certain aspects of forestry rights. "Forestry right" in this Act means a right granted by the owner of any land to any other person to: (a) establish, maintain and harvest; or (b) maintain and harvest crop of trees on that land, together with any ancillary rights and works; and (d) any provisions for charges, payments, royalties or division of the crop or the proceeds of the crop.

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    Being an Act to unify the law relating to the registration of title to land, and for related purposes.

    Papua Nueva Guinea, Oceanía

    An Act to provide for the registration of titles in land, for the appointment of the Registrar of Titles and Deputy Registrars of Title, and to set out certain requirements for the transfer of land, the creation of a lease, mortgage and other rights in land.The Act consists of 193 sections divided into 19 Parts: Preliminary (I); Administration (II); Registration generally (III); State leases (IV); Transfer of land (V); Leases (VI); Mortgages and charges (VII); Caveats (VIII); Easements and similar interests (IX); Implied covenants and powers (X); Trusts (XI); Transmissions (XII); Powers of

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    An Act to establish an Australian Heritage Commission.

    Australia, Oceanía

    There is established by section 6 of this Act a Commission by the name of the Australian Heritage Commission.

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    An Act to constitute the Land and Environment Court and to make provision with respect to its jurisdiction.

    Australia, Oceanía

    This Act is divided into 6 Parts and 3 Schedules, i.e. Preliminary (1); Constitution of the Court (2); Jurisdiction of the Court (3); Exercise of jurisdiction (4); Appeals from the Court (5); Mediation and Neutral Evaluation (5A) and Miscellaneous (6).

    Implemented by: Land and Environment Court Rules 1996. (2007-04-05)
    Implemented by: Land and Environment Court Regulation 2005. (2016-05-20)

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    An Act to control the distribution of agricultural chemicals from aircraft and from ground equipment, and for other purposes.

    Australia, Oceanía

    This Act, consisting of 7 Parts divided into 48 sections, makes provision with respect to the use of agricultural chemicals as defined by the AGVET Code which applies in force of the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Queensland) Act 1994. Part 2 contains provisions dealing with matters of administration such as inspection and control and the continuing in existence of the Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Board. Part 3 regulates distribution of pesticides from the air, whereas Part 4 concerns distribution from the ground.

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    An Act to establish the Land and Resources Tribunal, and for other purposes.

    Australia, Oceanía

    The Act makes provision for the establishment, management, jurisdiction, powers, proceedings and other matters of the Land Tribunal. The Tribunal here established shall have jurisdiction as conferred upon it by this Act (with respect to agreements specified in section 51 and following and other Acts such as the Commonwealth Native Title Act). In addition, the Supreme Court may transfer certain proceedings to the Tribunal. There shall be a registrar of the Tribunal who shall be responsible for the management of the administrative affairs of the Tribunal (sect. 24 and following).

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    An Act to Provide For the Establishment of A Land Development Authority to Promote and Carry Out Projects for Land Development, Improvement And Settlement, for Making Funds Available Therefor, and Purposes Connected Therewith.

    Fiji, Oceanía

    This Act provides for the establishment of the Land Development Authority as a body corporate. It shall be the duty of the Authority to promote and assist the investigation, formation and carrying out of projects for the development, improvement and settlement of land. The Authority may establish a reserve fund. The Authority may make rules not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act.

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    An Act to provide for the protection, improvement and conservation of the environment of the Republic of Kiribati and for connected purposes

    Kiribati, Oceanía

    The objects of this Act shall be, among other hings: (a) to provide for and establish integrated systems of development control, environmental impact assessment and pollution control; (b) to prevent, control and monitor pollution; to (c) protect and conserve the natural resources threatened by human activities, particularly those resources of national and ecological significance as may be classified under the categories of terrestrial vegetation, coral, fish and marine life; (d)to control, manage and regulate hazardous substances; and (f) to promote the conservation and sustainable use of b

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