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    Zambia, África, África oriental

    This Act establishes the National Water Supply and Sanitation Council ("Council") as a body corporate, defines its functions, provides with respect to its administration and provides with respect to water supply and sanitation at a local level by a water supply and sanitation utility established by a local authority or service providers, i.e. any person who provides water supply or sanitation services.

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    A Statute to provide for the use, protection and management of water resources and supply; to provide for the constitution of water and sewerage authorities; and to facilitate the development of water supply and sewerage undertakings.

    Uganda, África, África oriental

    The text of the Statute consists of 108 sections divided into 4 Parts: Preliminary (I); Water Resources (II); Water Supply and Sewerage (III); General Miscellaneous (IV).Sections of Part II and Part III are divided into 14 Divisions: Rights in Water and Water Administration (1); Water Resources Planning (2); Hydraulic Works and Uses of Water (3); Revision, Variation and Cancellation of Water Permits (4); Waste Discharge Permits (5); Miscellaneous Provisions for Part II (6); Water and Sewerage Areas and Authorities, and User Groups and Associations (7); Water Supply (8); Public and Private S

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    República de Corea, Asia oriental, Asia

    The purpose of this Act is to prevent potential danger and injury to public health and the environment due to the pollution of water and to properly manage and preserve the quality of public waters, i.e. rivers, lakes, marshes, harbors, ports, coastal areas and other waters used for public purposes, and to their contiguous waterways used for public purposes and prescribed by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Environment.

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    An Act respecting provincial water powers.

    Canadá, Américas, América Septentrional

    The purpose of the present Act is to regulate matters related to provincial water powers. It applies: a) to all provincial water powers; b) to all provincial lands connected with the development or working of those water powers; c) to all lands and properties that may be acquired under the terms of this Act; d) to the power and energy produced or producible from the waters on or within the said lands; e) to all undertakings established or carried on in respect of any provincial water powers.

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    Gesetz über die Bildung von Gewässerunterhaltungsverbänden (GUVG).

    Alemania, Europa, Europa occidental

    Article 1 of the above-mentioned Law rules that for management of waters belonging to class II in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, water management associations (water and soil associations) shall be established according to the Federal Water and Soil Association Act. The text – consisting of 7 articles - deals with the following issues: law to be applied, statutes, composition, functions, and financing of the associations. One Annex is enclosed.

    Implements: Water Association Act. (1991-02-12)

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    Octubre, 1999
    Bosnia y Herzegovina

    This Regional Law regulates management and conservation of water for the purpose of use of water, protecting water from pollution, management water basins, and protection from flood and erosion and other negative impact of water. Within this framework it also provides for tasks, functions, powers or rights of bodies of the Tuzla Canton, municipalities, and other legal entities and citizens. The Act shall apply to surface waters, water springs, natural lakes, and water in artificial accumulations, retentions and lakes, underground waters and thermal and mineral waters.

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    Bosnia y Herzegovina, Europa, Europa meridional

    This Law provides for in a comprehensive manner for the management and conservation of water resources for purposes of water use, protection against pollution including pollution of coastal waters, development of river beds and flood protection, for the management of water works facilities and public water resources, for financing of related activities and duties, for defining the responsibility and duties of the authority of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, canton's authorities and legal entities and citizens, as well as regulating other issues of importance for managing of water,

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    Reino Unido, Europa, Europa septentrional

    The enactments mentioned in Schedule 1 to this Act shall have effect subject to the amendments there specified (being amendments consequential on the re-enactment of provisions in the consolidation Acts). The transitional provisions, transitory provisions and savings contained in Schedule 2 to this Act shall have effect.

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    Estados Unidos de América, Américas, América Septentrional

    This Chapter of Division 6 of the Water Code of California provides for the preservation and enhancement of the state’s fish and wildlife resources in connection with flood control and watershed protection projects and to realize the full potential of such projects to provide recreational opportunities to the general public.

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    Junio, 1995

    All water resources (water objects) on the territory of Ukraine are the national property of the people of the Ukraine, one of the natural bases of its economic development and social well-being. Water Code, together with organizational, legal, economic and educational order, favouring the formation of water and ecological law and order and ensuring environmental safety of the population of the Ukraine, as well as more efficient, scientifically substantiated water management and its protection against pollution, littering and exhaustion.

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