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    Armenia, Asia occidental, Asia

    This Law regulates relations dealing with geodetic and cartographic activity. Geodetic and cartographic activity shall be classified as national and local. National activity shall include zoning, mapping and licensing of geodetic and cartographic activity.

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    An Act to provide and promote the enhancement, protection and conservation of the environment, sustainable management of natural resources and matters incidental thereto.

    Esuatini, África austral, África

    The objectives of this Act are to establish a framework for environmental protection and the integrated management of natural resources on a sustainable basis; to transform the Swaziland Environment Authority into a body corporate, to establish the Swaziland Environment Fund; and to provide for various other matters to environment protection.The Act consists of 90 sections divided into 11 Parts: Introductory Provisions (I); Fundamental Purpose and Principles (II); Administration (III); Integrated Environmental Management (IV); Pollution Control (V); Waste Management (VI); International Matt

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    Azerbaiyán, Asia occidental, Asia

    President decrees to establish that plenary powers of the respective state executive body envisaged by the Article 10 of the Law on lease land must be carried out by the President, plenary powers of the respective state executive body envisaged by the Article 14 must be carried out by the Cabinet of Ministers; plenary powers of the respective state executive bodies envisaged by the part 2 of the Articles 10 must be carried out by State Land Committee and State Property Committee, plenary powers of the respective state executive body envisaged by the part 5 of the Article 10 and by the part

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    An Act to consolidate certain enactments relating to town and country planning in Scotland with amendments to give effect to recommendations of the Scottish Law Commission.

    Reino Unido, Europa, Europa septentrional

    The 278 sections are divided into 14 Parts: Administration (I); Development Plans (II); Control Over Development (III); Compensation For Effects Of Certain Orders, Notices Etc. (IV); Rights Of Owners Etc. To Require Purchase Of Interests (V); Enforcement (VI); Special Controls (VII); Acquisition And Appropriation Of Land For Planning Purposes Etc. (VIII); Roads, Footpaths And Rights Of Way (IX); Statutory Undertakers (X); Validity (XI); Crown Land (XII); Financial Provisions (XIII); Miscellaneous And General Provisions (XIV).

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    Lag (1979:425) om skötsel av jordbruksmark.

    Suecia, Europa, Europa septentrional

    This Act regulates the use of agricultural land for purposes of protection of the soil and the landscape. Agricultural land is land used for cultivation or pasture, which is registered for tax purposes as an agricultural unit (sect. 1). The Act does not apply to agricultural land which is not used as such (sect. 2). Regulation making powers of the Government are described in sections 6A and 6B. Observation of provisions of the present Act shall be supervised by County Councils. Use of land requires notification and in certain circumstances a permit of the County Council. (13 sections)

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    An Act to make provision authorising the acquisition of property for public and other purposes and for settling the amount of any compensation to be paid or any matter in difference.

    Esuatini, África austral, África

    The Act establishes the procedure for the acquisition of any real property needed for public purposes, and, in the case of immovable property, for the acquisition by freehold title or by leasehold. The procedure includes, inter alia, preliminary investigations, notice of intention to take property to the persons concerned, power to take possession.

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    Singapur, Asia, Asia sudoriental

    This Order relates to the Protected Areas and Protected Places Act (Chapter 256). Paragraph 2 describes the premises declared to be protected places for the purposes of the Act. No person shall be in those premises unless in possession of a permit or having received permission from an authorized officer. Paragraph 2 also includes a Schedule listing protected places and their location.

    Implements: Protected Areas and Protected Places Act (Ordinance No. 33 of 1959, Chapter 256). (2013-12-31)

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    Madagascar, África, África oriental

    Le présent arrêté définit les règles de construction et d’exploitation des stations service qui doivent être appliquées dans la profession pétrolière.En application des termes du présent règlement, nul ne peut, à l’intérieur du territoire Malgache, ni construire, ni aménager une station-service, ni installer des postes de distribution d’hydrocarbures sans une autorisation délivrée par l’Office Malgache des Hydrocarbures (O.M.H).

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    Постановление об утверждении Положения о государственной аттестации и апробации средств фитосанитарного назначения и средств, повышающих плодородие почвы, для применения в сельском и лесном хозяйствах N 1307 от 12.12.2005

    Moldavia, Europa oriental, Europa

    Import, manufacturing, transport storage and trade of phytosanitary means for the improvement of soil fertility tested, approved and registered by the National Approbation Council shall be authorized on the national territory. The state testing and approbation include expertise, field testing, registration and issuance of the approbation certificate. Phytosanitary means shall include chemicals, biological agents, biotechnology and pesticides used for the purpose of soil improvement. The state testing shall be the basis for the approbation practices.

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