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    Guam, Oceanía

    This Chapter defines property and ownership in general and contains various rules regarding the property of land, fixtures and wild animals. This Act defines “ownership”, “property”, “real property” “land” and “appurtenances” and contains rules relative to ownership of real property. The Act also contains a clause on the ownership of wild animals. The Act declares that animals wild by nature are the subject of ownership, while living, only when on the land of the person claiming them, or when tamed, or taken and held in possession, or disabled and immediately pursued.

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    Nauru, Oceanía

    This Part of the Statute Law Revision Act 2011 amends the Foreign Trusts, Estates and Wills Act 1972 in section 8(2) by omitting "and also deposits with the Republic of Nauru Finance Corporation or with any subsidiary of that corporation". Section 8 concerns investments of trust funds by trustees.

    Amends: Foreign Trusts, Estates and Wills Act 1972 (No. 7 of 1972). (1972-02-17)

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    Gesetz vom 12. Dezember 2001 zur Regelung des Grundverkehrs (Grundverkehrsgesetz 2001 – GVG 2001).

    Austria, Europa, Europa occidental

    The purpose of the present Law is to safeguard the public interest on the occasion of the transfer of land or parts thereof, taking into account the need to comply with the principles of a sustainable protection of the environment, nature and landscape.

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    ЗАКОН РЕСПУБЛИКИ МОЛДОВА О собственности Nr.459-XII от 22.01.91

    Moldavia, Europa oriental, Europa

    This Law regulates property relations and classifies the types of ownership in three categories: (a) private; (b) collective; and (c) public. It establishes that the objects of property shall be land, subsoil, water resources, vegetable and animal kingdom. Plots of land and vegetation thereon can pertain to private ownership. Land, subsoil, water, forests and other natural resources shall be public property. Foreign land tenure shall be authorized except for agricultural land and forest land.

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    An Act to impose a levy on absentee landowners, and for other purposes.

    Isla Norfolk, Oceanía

    This Act provides for the imposition of an annual levy on land owned by an absentee (as defined by this Act. The levy shall be charged on the unimproved value of the land, i.e. the capital sum that might be expected to be offered for the fee simple with vacant possession of the land at a bona fide sale on such reasonable terms and conditions as a bona fide seller would require, it being assumed that no improvements had been made on or to the parcel of land. The Act allows for objections to be lodged against assessment of value.

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    Eslovaquia, Europa oriental, Europa

    The Regulation deals with finding out of the price of constructions, flats and non-residential areas in an residential house, of plots of land, perennial vegetation, plots of land within the area of land modifications and asking price for public auctions, unless finding out of price has not been regulated otherwise; negotiating of the price for purposes of contractual transfer of structures, flats and non-residential areas, plots of land and perennial vegetation between the seller and the buyer, and negotiation of rent for leasehold of land.

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    Nauru, Oceanía

    This Act concerns the abolition on certain restrictions concerning trusts and provides rules for the creation in Nauru of a trust in perpetuity or for any lesser duration. This Act shall not apply to any settlement, disposition or trust of any land or of any interest in any land where such land is situated in Nauru. The Act also concerns grant of administration of a foreign will or estate. Executors of a foreign will or administrators of a foreign estate shall be a trustee corporation.

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    Guinea Ecuatorial, África, África Central

    El presente Decreto Ley, que consta de 2 artículos, modifica el artículo 6º del Decreto Ley Nº 8/1984, de 3 de mayo, que transfiere al estado la propiedad de las fincas rústicas abandonadas por los extranjeros, disponiendo que se anula totalmente y queda sin efecto todo acto jurídico celebrado con posterioridad al 5 de marzo de 1969 por el propietario registral de un bien abandonado a favor de terceros.

    Enmienda: Decreto Ley Nº 8/1984 - Transfiere al Estado la propiedad de las fincas rústicas abandonadas por los extranjeros. (1984-05-03)

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    Guinea Ecuatorial, África, África Central

    El presente Decreto Ley, que consta de 8 artículos -vencido el plazo establecido en el Decreto Nº 22/1988, de 20 de febrero, por el que se concede un plazo de 60 días a los extranjeros propietarios de fincas rústicas y urbanas para recuperar sus propiedades y ponerlas en explotación-, tiene por objeto regular de modo definitivo la situación legal de los bienes raíces, rústicos y urbanos, sitos en territorios de Guinea Ecuatorial y que se conozcan como bienes abandonados (art. 1º).

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    Guinea Ecuatorial, África, África Central

    El Reglamento consta de 3 capítulos y 21 artículos. INDICE: Disposiciones generales (I); Formas, requisitos y condiciones (II); Procedimiento (III).El presente Reglamento se establece para desarrollar y dar cumplimiento a lo previsto en el artículo 3º del Decreto Ley Nº 8/1984, de 3 de mayo, que transfiere al estado la propiedad de las fincas rústicas y urbanas abandonadas por los extranjeros (art. 1º).

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