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    Bhután, Asia, Asia meridional

    This Act regulates inheritance in general and in particular of land.

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    An Act to prohibit the acquisition of immovable property by non-residents.

    Malta, Europa, Europa meridional

    The present Act lays down provisions concerning the acquisition of immovable property by non residents, which basically shall be prohibited, except for certain circumstances under which such acquisition shall be allowed (those specified in article 5). As a general rule, A person, other than a physical or a non resident person, may acquire by an act inter vivos immovable property in Malta without the necessity of obtaining a permit under this Act where such immovable property is required for the purpose of carrying out the activity for which it has been set up.

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    Kenya, África oriental, África

    These Rules amend the Registered Land Rules in the Third Schedule. The Third Schedule prescribes forms for purposes of the Registered Land Act. Form R.L. 7 is amended by deleting the attestation clause and substituting therefore a new clause. This form concerns transfer by personal representative of a deceased person to person entitled to become proprietor under a will or on an intestacy and the declaration of the transferees that they hold that interest as proprietors in common undivided shares.

    Amends: Registered Land Rules (Cap. 300). (2012)

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    Ecuador, Américas, América del Sur

    La presente codificación de la Ley de Desarrollo Agrario, tiene por objeto el fomento, desarrollo y protección integrales del sector agrario que garantice la alimentación de todos los ecuatorianos e incremente la exportación de excedentes, en el marco de un manejo sustentable de los recursos naturales y del ecosistema.El fomento, desarrollo y protección del sector agrario se efectuará mediante el establecimiento de las siguientes políticas: 1) Política de capacitación integral al indígena, al montubio, al afroecuatoriano y al campesino en general, para que mejore sus conocimientos relativos

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    قانون رقم 61 لسنة 2004م بنعديل القرار رقم 169 لسنة 1959م بشأن أراضي الدولة

    Siria, Asia occidental

    This Law amends Resolution No.

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    Antigua y Barbuda, Caribe, Américas

    This Act makes provision for certain aspects regarding debts of insolvent estates of deceased persons. It lays down rules for the administration of estates (by court), defines rights of secured and unsecured creditors in respect of an estate but provides that this Act shall not prejudice any lien, charge or other security that a creditor may hold for the securement of the debt.

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    Antigua y Barbuda, Caribe, Américas

    This Act abolishes various special rights relating to inheritance of an estate in the condition of intestate. The Act also provides various rules relative to succession to real estate and personal estate on intestacy and relative to residuary estate held on statutory trusts for the issue of the intestate. The Act also excludes from its working part of the estate left by will and excludes from the taking a share in the estate of the intestate any person who has committed a serious offence against the intestate.

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    Antigua y Barbuda, Caribe, Américas

    This Act provides rules relative to the possibility of discharge of debt incurred by heirs of a real estate deriving from mortgage or any other equitable charge. The Act also makes provision with respect of mortgagees in recovering debt and duties of heirs or testators or intestate as regarding debts relating to the estate.

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    Antigua y Barbuda, Caribe, Américas

    This Act makes provision for various matters relative to real estate property. The matters regulated include: deeds relating to land, validity of transfer of and other legal actions involving real property and related rights, licensing in relation with property leases, Rights and duties of lessors and lessees, charge of rent, actions in relation with benefit derived from timber on leased land and rights and duties relating to inheritance and mortgage.

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    Antigua y Barbuda, Caribe, Américas

    This Act provides with respect to legal actions relating to recovery of rent or land and places restrictions on the making of entries, distress, action or suit for the reasons as specified in the Act.Legal actions concern the recovery of land or rent, assurances made by tenants in tail of any land, rights of mortgagees and recovery of sums of money secured by any judgement, mortgage or lien. Limitation of action can arise from disability, infancy or unsoundness of mind, absence of persons, etc. Limits in time are specified for various legal actions.

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