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    Noviembre, 1978

    The amendment of section 110 of the principal Law refers to reserved land. Section 2 which is an addition to section 135 allows to amend registration of area or boundaries, under specified conditions. Section 4 amends section 168 of the principal Law as concerns registration of an area or boundaries of unsettled land. Section 5 establishes validation of acts as concerns the registration of the boundaries or area of an unsettled land.

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    Закон Магаданской области от 12 марта 2010 г. N 1243-ОЗ "Об обороте земель сельскохозяйственного назначения в Магаданской области" (с изменениями от 20 июля 2011 г.).


    This Regional Law regulates turnover of agricultural land. It establishes that Regional Administration shall have preferential rights of purchase of agricultural land. Maximum agricultural land area that can be owned by one single natural or legal person shall not exceed 30 percent of total available agricultural land within the boundaries of a give municipal unit. Minimum period of lease of agricultural land shall be set forth as follows: (a) for farming – 3 years; (b) for grazing – 3 months; (c) for haymaking – 1 month; and (d) for other purposes – 6 months.

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    Plan- og bygningslov.


    This Act provides rules relative development and to town and country planning in Norway. The Act consists of more than 150 sections divided into 22 Chapters: General provisions (I); Planning and construction authorities (II); Consultation, communication, information (III); Planning at national level (IV); Planning at county level (V); Planning at municipal level (VI); Local Development Plan (VII); Impact assessments (VII-a); Expropriation (VIII); Reimbursement of costs of roads, waterworks, etc.

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    Закон Белгородской области от 31 декабря 2003 г. N 111 "Об особенностях оборота земель сельскохозяйственного назначения в Белгородской области" (с изменениями от 18 сентября 2007 г.).


    This Regional Law regulates relations dealing with ownership, tenure and disposal of agricultural land plots. In order to regulate the aforesaid issues authorized regional state institution in the sphere of land relations. Agricultural land shall be used exclusively for specific agricultural purposes by methods preventing damages, such as degradation, pollution, littering up and other negative impact. Owners of agricultural land plots must carry out periodically soil fertility tests.

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    An Act to provide for the tenure, ownership and management of land; to amend and consolidate the law relating to tenure, ownership and management of land; and to provide for other related or incidental matters.


    This Act makes provision with respect to a wide variety of matters regarding land in Uganda such as land tenure, customary ownerhip, grant of land in freehold, management of communal land, management of land by the Uganda Land Commission, land-use control and functioning of land tribunals.

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    Febrero, 1985

    The objective of this Law, which includes 30 articles and 5 provisional articles, is to establish and define the tasks of the General Directorate of Land Reform under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Main tasks of the Department are: 1. Research and survey activities to determine the priorities of implementation and propose the areas where land reform shall be implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture. 2. Distribute or lease Government lands to landless farmers and equip, support, train and organize these farmers. 3.

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    Noviembre, 1984

    The objective of this Law, which includes 28 articles and 3 provisional articles in 3 sections, is to make provision for the following matters: (1) Productive cultivation of the land and increase employment in these areas; (2) Distribution of land to landless farmers or farmers with insufficient land; support and training to farmers; (3) Small land integration for productive cultivation; (4) Creation of new settlement locations and enlargement of existing settlement areas; (5) When necessary, rearrangement of land for other purposes.

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    Marzo, 1974

    Cette loi porte liquidation de tous les droits d'enzel grevant les immeubles à vocation agricole ainsi que toutes les inscriptions correspondantes aux droits d'enzel figurant sur tous les titres de propriété des immeubles à vocation agricole. Les débienzélistes sont déclarés titulaires de la pleine propriété des immeubles à vocation agricoles. Ces dispositions sont étendues aux rentes de " kirdar" grevany les immeubles à vocation agricole.

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    Marzo, 2013
    República de Corea

    The purpose of this Act is to improve and develop agricultural infrastructure, living environments of rural communities, rural tourism and resort resources, marginal farmland, etc. in an integrated and systematic manner, to raise the competitiveness of the agricultural and fisheries industries and facilitate the improvement of living environments of rural communities in order to contribute to the construction of modernized rural communities and balanced national development.

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