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    Informes e investigaciones
    Mayo, 2012
    Viet Nam

    The policy reforms called for in the
    transition from a socialist command economy to a developing
    market economy bring both opportunities and risks to a
    country's citizens. In poor economies, the initial
    focus of reform efforts is naturally the rural sector, which
    is where one finds the bulk of the population and almost all
    the poor. Economic development will typically entail moving
    many rural households out of farming into more remunerative

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    Junio, 2012

    This book examines issues at the
    forefront of the debate on land law reform, pays particular
    attention to how reform options affect the poor and
    disadvantaged, and recommends strategies for alleviating
    poverty more effectively through land law reform. It reviews
    the role of the World Bank in land law reform, examining
    issues of process as well as substance. It also identifies
    key challenges and directions, and stresses the need to

  3. Library Resource
    Junio, 2012

    To implement the vision of fostering
    economic development, social equity, and a transparent and
    effective government, the Government of Liberia has outlined
    key transitions that need to be accomplished. These include
    the development of infrastructure (roads, electricity),
    schools, job creation and transition from war, civil
    conflict and social polarization to a well functioning
    society in which economic opportunities are fostered and

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Junio, 2007

    The purpose of this report is to review
    and assess Afghanistan's legal framework regulating
    social safeguards (national and local laws, regulations,
    procedures and policies) with special reference to the law
    and practice of compulsory land acquisition, or
    expropriation. The overall objective of the report is to
    consider how Afghanistan's legal framework would
    address social safeguard issues in upcoming World Bank

  5. Library Resource
    Agosto, 2012

    This report examines land access,
    disputes, and dispute resolution in Timor-Leste, using
    findings from the justice module included in an extension of
    the 2007 Timor-Leste Survey of Living Standards (TLSLS2) and
    a review of relevant social-science literature. The
    extension survey (TLSLSx) revisited a nationally
    representative subsample of the TLSLS2 between April and
    October 2008. The respondent for the justice module was

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    Agosto, 2012

    Land markets that allow access to
    land-and to buildings-through secure property rights, at
    transparent prices, and with efficient permitting processes
    and land tax systems are essential to a good business
    environment. Creating such markets, however, can be a long,
    complex, politically charged process, especially where most
    land is untitled and where there are conflicting claims. But
    experience points to practical interim or step solutions

  7. Library Resource
    Marzo, 2013

    Afghanistan is one of the poorest and
    longest suffering countries among members of the World Bank,
    and has been ravaged by chronic conflict and political
    instability. Afghanistan's infrastructure has been
    destroyed or degraded; its human resource base severely
    depleted; and its social capital eroded. Despite existing
    public administration structures, the majority of state
    institutions are only beginning to function effectively, and

  8. Library Resource
    Junio, 2013

    This is covers land administration and
    reform in Sub-Saharan Africa, and is highly relevant to all
    developing countries around the world. It provides simple
    practical steps to turn the hugely controversial subject of
    "land grabs" into a development opportunity by
    improving land governance to reduce the risks of
    dispossessing poor landholders while ensuring mutually
    beneficial investors' deals. This book shows how Sub

  9. Library Resource
    Junio, 2014
    Viet Nam

    Successive policies of the Government of
    Vietnam for economic reform and modernization have helped
    Vietnam to emerge as one of the world's fastest growing
    economies. The report provides continued recommendations on
    improving land policies to ensure efficiency of their
    practical implementation and to target at both economic
    development and social sustainability. Policies with regard
    to voluntary benefits sharing, promoting the participation

  10. Library Resource
    Diciembre, 2014

    Evidence is mounting that secure
    property rights have positive effects for poor people in
    general and women in particular. The aim of this report is
    to review what is known about women s access to and control
    over land and real property in urban settings, identifying
    approaches to strengthening property rights that enhance
    women s agency, and sharing key lessons. Section two
    synthesizes the evidence on urban women s priorities with

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