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    Guam, Oceanía

    This Chapter provides for title to accessory matters to land such as fixtures put on the land by others, new land formed by alluvium, river banks carried away by sudden violence, island formed in a stream which is not navigable, islands formed by division of a river. The Chapter also provides for removing of removable fixtures by a tenant.

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    An Act to provide for the procedure by which a private landowner who has no reasonable means of access to a public highway may apply for leave to construct a road of access to a public highway and for other purposes connected therewith.

    Uganda, África, África oriental

    This Act prescribes that, where the owner of any land is unable through negotiations to obtain leave from adjoining landowners to construct a road of access to the public highway, he or she may apply to the land tribunal for leave to construct a road of access over any lands lying between his or her land and the public highway. The tribunal shall serve a notice on the owner of land affected and shall organize a hearing. An order of the tribunal to grant access for the construction of roads may be revoked upon application by an owner of adjoining lands.

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    Australia, Oceanía

    This Act concerns servitude and the right of passage on other people’s land for the purpose of carrying out works on one’s own land or on utility services on that land. The Act provides for the legal procedures for implementing such rights.

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    Reino Unido, Europa, Europa septentrional

    This Act allows a person who, for the purpose of carrying out works to any land needs the consent of some other person to enter upon the land of that person, to make an application to the court for an order against that other person. On an application, the court shall make an access order only if it is satisfied: (a) that the works are reasonably necessary for the preservation of the whole or any part of the dominant land; and (b) that they cannot be carried out, or would be substantially more difficult to carry out, without entry upon the servient land and the need of entry is reasonable.

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    An Act to provide for obtaining access to neighbouring land for the purpose of carrying out work and for incidental purposes and to amend the Magistrates Court (Small Claims Division) Act 1989.

    Australia, Oceanía

    Where a person: (a) requires entry to land, other than a highway, for the purpose of carrying out work on other land; and; (b) the land on which he or she requires entry is adjoining or adjacent to the land in respect of which he or she wishes to carry out the work; and (c) he or she does not have the agreement of another person whose agreement to the entry is required -the first-mentioned person may apply to the court for an order authorising access to the subject land on such occasions and during such period as may be specified in the order.

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    Enero, 2017

    This Law provides with respect to access orders, i.e. an order of the Magistrate Court to grant access to neighbouring land for a person that requires such access for the purpose of carrying out works on adjoining or adjacent land (dominant land) but does not have the consent to do so. An access order may be made only at certain conditions. Compensation may be had by the person served with a servitude tacite notice.

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    Canadá, Américas, América Septentrional

    The purposes of the present Act are to make public bodies more accountable to the public and to protect personal privacy by: a) giving the public a right of access to records; b) giving individuals a right of access to, and a right to request correction of, personal information about themselves. In particular, the Act applies also to land claims settlement of first nations.

  8. Library Resource

    An Act to improve the Harbour of Nassau and to afford greater facilities for repairing vessels that have sustained damage and for other purposes.

    Bahamas, Américas, Caribe

    This Act concerns the right to construct abutments in the Harbour of Nassau and inspection of the Director of Public Works upon completion of such works. The Act also concerns rights of way in relation with abutments, public abutments, rights of ownership and restrictions on construction.

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    An Act to authorise the building of wharves or abutments in the ports and harbours in the Out Islands.

    Bahamas, Américas, Caribe

    This Act concerns permission of the Minister to any residents to build a wharf or abutment, from the private land of such person or persons which may abut on to the port or harbour of the district in which the application is made, into such port or harbour. A plan for an abutment or wharf shall be submitted to the Minister. The Minister may order inspections and issue a notice if an abutment or wharf is not in a proper condition or is likely to impede or interfere with the navigation of the port or harbour.

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    An Act to impose a levy on absentee landowners, and for other purposes.

    Isla Norfolk, Oceanía

    This Act provides for the imposition of an annual levy on land owned by an absentee (as defined by this Act. The levy shall be charged on the unimproved value of the land, i.e. the capital sum that might be expected to be offered for the fee simple with vacant possession of the land at a bona fide sale on such reasonable terms and conditions as a bona fide seller would require, it being assumed that no improvements had been made on or to the parcel of land. The Act allows for objections to be lodged against assessment of value.

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