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    Madagascar, África, África oriental

    Cette loi ajoute un titre III bis à l'ordonnance nº 62-043, portant dispositions relatives à l'acquisition des terrains agricoles, relatif au régime fiscal applicable aux acquisitions à titre onéreux de fonds ruraux destinés à être répartis entre les coopérateurs.

    Modifie: Ordonnance nº 62-043 réglementant l'acquisition des fonds ruraux par des coopératives de tenanciers agricoles. (1962-09-19)

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    Lei n. 9/04.

    Angola, África, África Central

    This Law, composed of 89 articles divided in 5 chapters, regulates the general principles on land rights. In particular, the Law rules on: property rights, rural community rights, natural resources’ use and protection measures, land expropriation, land concession, territorial planning, land classification, and registration procedures.

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    Malí, África, África occidental

    La présente loi définit les principes fondamentaux et les règles générales qui régissent l'exercice des activités pastorales en République du Mali.

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    An Ordinance for the protection of forests and for the constitution and protection of forest reserves.

    Ghana, África, África occidental

    The Governor may constitute Forest Reserves under section 4.A Notice in this respect shall be published in the Official Gazette. For each Reserve a Reserve Settlement Commissioner shall be appointed. Restrictions are placed on acquisition of rights during an interim period between publication and an Order constituting a Reserve under section 17. The Settlement Commission shall be considered a Court. The Commissioner may exclude land from a Reserve. Section 13 concerns compensation and section 14 concerns extinction of rights.

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    An Act of Parliament to control the exploitation and use of geothermal resources and vest the resources in the Government and to provide for connected purposes.

    Kenya, África oriental, África

    This Act concerns the exploration, ownership and exploitation of geothermal resources, i.e. any product derived from and produced within the earth by natural heat. All unextracted geothermal resources under or in any land, if not vested by law in any other person, shall be vested in the Government. The Minister may declare geothermal resources areas. Exploration for geothermal resources requires an authorization from the Minister whereas exploitation requires a geothermal resources licence to be issued by the Minister.

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    An Act Adopting the National Forestry Reform Law of 2006

    Liberia, África, África occidental

    This Act makes provision, in 23 Chapters, for the management and conservation of forest resources of Liberia, defines ownership rights and other rights in forests, regulates commercial and other use of forests resources, provides for the protection of the environment and wildlife in forests, regulates the trade in forest products and provides for various other matters relative to forestry and wildlife.The Act defines the principles of forest management and conservation to be undertaken by the Forestry Development Authority.

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    Zimbabwe, África, África oriental

    "Occupation" is defined in section 2 as "actual and bona fide farming by cultivation or with stock". Section 3 specifies terms on which conditions in title deeds in land regarding occupation shall be deemed to be satisfied. Such criteria regard construction of permanent building, cultivation or keeping of cattle or other livestock for a specified amount of time.

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    Zimbabwe, África, África oriental

    The Act makes provision for the Agricultural Land Settlement Board and for the lease of agricultural land by public authorities in the framework of development of agriculture and the control on the use of land.The 53 sections of this Act are divided into 7 Parts: Preliminary (I); Agricultural Land Settlement Board (II); Functions of the Board (IIa); Land Settlement (III); Control and Occupation of Agricultural Land (IV); Agricultural Land Settlement Appeal Board (V); General (VI).The Agricultural Land Settlement Board shall consider and report on all applications for leases of holdings in t

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    Zimbabwe, África, África oriental

    This Act concerns rural land. The Act consists of 15 sections divided into 4 Parts: Preliminary (I); Acquisition and Alienation of State Land (II); Occupation of Land by Person Other Than Owner Not Involving Subdivision (III); General (IV).Communal land and other specified types of land are excluded from the operation of this Act (sect. 3). Section 5 provides for the acquisition of land by the State; section 6 for the alienation of State land.

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    An Act to provide for the registration of title in certain cases, and for the disposal of certain derelict lands.

    Zimbabwe, África, África oriental

    Persons having acquired a just and lawful right of title in derelict lands, either by prescription or by contract or in any other manner, may apply to the High Court to order the registration of such title (sect. 3). Section 4 provides for the application for the registration of land by persons entitled to "expropriate" such land. Section 5 provides for the application to the high Court for relief by persons having a claim on derelict land.

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