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    Octubre, 1991
    Reino Unido

    This Act defines the powers and functions of the Manx Utilities Authority as established by article 4 of the Transfer of Functions (Manx Utilities Authority) Order 2014 and the Department of Infrastructure, and provides with respect to collection and distribution of water in the Isle of Man. Some provisions concern water pollution. The Authority shall comply with such directions regarding the exercise of its functions as may be given by the Department.

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    Reino Unido, Europa, Europa septentrional

    The Water Act 1989 sanctioned a major shift in the policy of the government towards severing the public utility function from the comprehensive scope of water management authority of the Regional Water Authorities operating in England and Wales, and entrusting it with limited public companies. The regulatory functions hitherto vested in the said authorities, augmented by the addition of regulatory functions with respect to navigation, river conservancy and harbours are vested in a National Rivers Authority.

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    Enero, 1980

    Section 4 of the above-mentioned Act establishes a body corporate to be known as the Wakamow Valley Authority.

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    Gesetz über die Schaffung einer Geodateninfrastruktur (Landes-Geodateninfrastrukturgesetz – L-GIG).

    Austria, Europa, Europa occidental

    The present Law implements the Directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 March 2007 establishing an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE). In particular, the purpose of the present Law is to lay down rules aimed at the establishment of the infrastructure for spatial information in Vorarlberg and surroundings with a view to environmental policies and activities which may have an impact on the environment.

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    Gesetz über die integrierte Vermeidung und Verminderung der Umweltverschmutzung (Vorarlberger IPPC-Anlagengesetz).

    Austria, Europa, Europa occidental

    An Act by the regional government of Vorarlberg on the prevention and reduction of pollution to implement the Council Directive 96/61/EC concerning integrated pollution prevention and control. For the purposes of the present Act “pollution” means the direct or indirect introduction as a result of human activity, of substances, vibrations, heat or noise into the air, water or land which may be harmful to human health or the quality of the environment, result in damage to material property, or impair or interfere with amenities and other legitimate uses of the environment.

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    An Act relating to the avoidance of voluntary conveyances.

    Bahamas, Américas, Caribe

    This Act defines the legality of voluntary conveyance of any lands, tenements or hereditaments which are in fact made bona fide and without any fraudulent intent for purposes of a specified piece of United Kingdom legislation. This Act does not apply in any case in which the author of a voluntary conveyance of any lands, tenements or hereditaments has subsequently, but before the passing of this Act, disposed of or dealt with the same lands, tenements or hereditaments to or in favour of a purchaser for value.

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    Ghana, África, África occidental

    The Act consists of 36 sections divided into 5 Parts; The Volta River Authority (I); Functions and duties of the Authority (II); Finance (III); Acquisition of land and resettlement measures (IV); Miscellaneous (V).The Authority is established as a body corporate and shall consist of 8 members, including the Chairman. The Authority shall be responsible for the Volta river development, which consists mainly in the construction and maintenance of hydropower works.

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    An Act to provide for the management and administration of land in villages, and for related matters.

    Tanzania, África, África oriental

    This Act consists of 66 sections divided into 6 Parts: Preliminary provisions (I); Application of fundamental principles of the National Land Policy (II); Transfers and hazard land (III); Village lands (IV); Dispute settlement (V); Miscellaneous provisions (VI). The President may transfer any area of village land to general or reserved land for public interest (sect. 4). Village land transfer shall not be transferred until the type, amount and timing of the payment of compensation has been agreed upon. The Minister may declare any area of a village land to be hazard land.

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