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    Rusia, Kirguistán, Asia, Asia central

    This Governmental Decree establishes that the scope of land cadastre shall be to provide state bodies of all levels, natural and legal persons with the informationrelated to land areas and land quality located within the boundaries of urban areas, local government, districts and at the national level.

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    Enero, 2016

    This Governmental Decree establishes the procedures for and the modalities of calculation of the amount of reimbursement of loss of agricultural commodities in the course of transfer of agricultural land to other categories of land and use of the aforesaid reimbursement for land conversion, drainage of cultivated land, soil improvement and survey work with a view of soil fertility improvement. Annex 1 contains calculation formula and rates of reimbursement.

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    Зарегистрировано в Министерстве юстиции Кыргызской Республики 15 сентября 1998 года регистрационный номер 17 Утверждено Госземкартографии КР от 1 сентября 1998 года № 72 ПОЛОЖЕНИЕ об инспекторах по контролю за использованием и охране земель.

    Rusia, Kirguistán, Asia, Asia central

    The purpose of this Decree is to improve control over land protection and conservation. The aforesaid control shall be carried out either by state land inspectors or by social land inspectors. The latter shall be volunteers selected from the personnel of local self-government, state institutions and organizations aware of land legislation.

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    ПОЛОЖЕНИЕ об Инспекции по государственному контролю за использованием и охраной земель.

    Rusia, Kirguistán, Asia, Asia central

    This Decree establishes that land inspection shall be autonomous institution within the State Land Cartographic Committee. Land inspection shall carry out the following tasks: (a) enforcement of land legislation; (b) detection of unused or irrationally used land; (c) supervision over quality of land monitoring; (d) supervision over soil improvement arrangements; and (e) coordination of land survey.

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