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  1. Library Resource
    Artículos de revistas y libros
    Diciembre, 2012
    India, China, México, España, Pakistán, Bangladesh, Asia, Asia oriental, Asia meridional, América Septentrional

    Besides India, there are a few other countries like Mexico, Spain, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China which also make intensive use of groundwater. This highlight reviews groundwater institutions and policies in these countries, with a special focus on the interlinkages between energy and groundwater. It finds that while there are useful lessons from international experience, none of the other countries offer unmetered electricity to farmers as India does. It is this lack of energy accounting and resistance to metering that is at the heart of the invidious energy-irrigation nexus in India.

  2. Library Resource
    Octubre, 2012
    Etiopía, África, África oriental

    This video was planned, filmed and edited by a group of twelve farmers from three kebeles in Fogera woreda in Amhara region of Ethiopia. Gareth Benest from InsightShare, and Beth Cullen and Aberra Adie from ILRI, facilitated the participatory video training which took place between the 12th and 24th February 2012. The aim of the video was to bring local issues to the attention of planners and implementers of rainwater management interventions in Ethiopia.

  3. Library Resource
    Artículos de revistas y libros
    Diciembre, 2012

    Food is fundamental to human wellbeing and development. Increased food production remains a cornerstone strategy in the effort to alleviate global food insecurity. But despite the fact that global food production over the past half century has kept ahead of demand, today around one billion people do not have enough to eat, and a further billion lack adequate nutrition.

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