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    An Act to provide for land revenue.

    Nepal, Asia, Asia meridional

    This Act provides for the collection and recovery of land revenue.The Act provides for the establishment of the Land Revenue Office which shall carry out the functions to be carried out by the Revenue Office, Fund and Collection Office or the Land Administration Office (Chapter 2).

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    Fiji, Oceanía

    This Decree amends the Native Land Trust Act by establishing in that Act and all subsidiary laws made under that Act the word "native" shall be deleted wherever it appears and be replaced by the word "i Taukei". A new section is inserted in the principal Act. That section establishes that all written laws are amended by deleting all references to the word "native" wherever it appears and by inserting "i Taukei".

    Amends: Native Land Trust Act. (1985)

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    An Act to establish a commission to review all land leases to safeguard the rights of landowners and successors in interest and to ensure compliance with the rules of customary law applicable thereto.

    Islas Marshall, Oceanía

    A Commission is established to review all land leases prior to execution to ensure that the interests of all relevant landowners and successors in interest are adequately safeguarded and protected. The review serves the purpose of avoiding land right disputes mainly involving foreign investors and (local) landowners and successors in interest. The Commission shall be headed by the Attorney-General. The Commission shall approve and submit to the Clerk of Court for filing, only those land leases which are in compliance with the provisions of section 404.

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    Guam, Oceanía

    This Chapter concerns the recording of conveyance of real property and the effects of recording. The term conveyance embraces every instrument in writing by which any estate or interest in real property is created, alienated, mortgaged, or encumbered, or by which the title to any real property may be affected, except wills. Every conveyance of real property acknowledged or proved and certified and recorded as prescribed by law from the time it is filed with the Director of Land Management is constructive notice of the contents thereof to subsequent purchasers and mortgagees.

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    مرسوم تشريعي رقم 34 لسنة 2006م بإنشاء الهيئة العامة لإدارة وتنمية البادية

    Siria, Asia occidental

    The aim of this Legislative Decree is to develop the desert (Albadeya). It is composed of 13 articles. Article 1 gives terms and definitions. Article 2 decrees the establishment of the General Authority for Management and Development of Desert (Albadeya) under the control of the Prime Minister.

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    Rusia, Europa oriental, Europa

    The following wording shall be added to article 61(2): “Damages caused to citizens or legal persons as a result of the validation by a state executive body or local self-government body of a legislative act that does not comply with the law or other legislative acts and that infringes on the land rights of citizens shall be subject to compensation in accordance with civil legislation.”

    Amends: Land Code (No. 136-FZ of 2001). (2001-10-25)

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    An Act to amend 2 CMC, Div. 4,s 4382; and for other purposes.

    Islas Marianas del Norte, Oceanía

    The amendments of the Rota Agricultural Homestead Act concern the designation of homestead areas by the Board of Public Lands. Designated lands shall be allotted to qualified persons for purposes of farming. Those persons shall have the right to acquire title upon the fulfilment of conditions prescribed in the principal Act.

    Amends: Rota Agricultural Homestead Act of 1990 (P.L. 7-11). (1990-10-24)

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    Закон Костромской области от 30 сентября 2004 г. N 210-ЗКО "Об особо охраняемых природных территориях Костромской области" (принят Костромской областной Думой 23 сентября 2004 г.) (с изменениями от 4 марта 2005 г., 16 июля 2007 г., 7, 29 февраля,...

    Rusia, Europa oriental, Europa

    This Regional Law regulates relations in the sphere of institution (organization), conservation and protection of protected areas. Regional protected areas shall be classified as follows: (a) natural parks; (b) state nature reserves; (c) nature monuments; (d) dendrological parks and botanical gardens; (e) healthcare areas and spas; and (f) other categories established by the Regional Administration. Land of protected areas shall be classified as public or municipal land and cannot be allotted in ownership to natural and legal persons except for cases envisaged by the federal legislation.

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    Colombia, Américas, América del Sur

    La presente Ley prorroga el plazo máximo establecido en el artículo 23 de la Ley Nº 388 de 1997, para que los municipios y distritos formulen y adopten los planes y esquemas de ordenamiento territorial (POT), hasta el 31 de diciembre de 1999. Los municipios y distritos podrán contratar créditos blandos para preinversión en el sector de planeación y servir la deuda con recursos de las transferencias de los ingresos corrientes de la nación, provenientes del 20 por ciento de libre destinación en otros sectores, en la respectiva vigencia.

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