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    Mayo, 2003

    This Law defines the legal, organizational, economic and social principles of conducting smallholding activity. Smallholding (individual peasant farm) shall be a business activity that is carried out without the creation of a legal entity by an individual or by family members or relatives that live together in order to meet their personal needs through the production, processing and consumption of agricultural products, vending of its surpluses and the provision of services using the property of a private peasant farm, also in the field of rural green tourism.

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    Octubre, 2012

    La presente Resolución aprueba la Metodología para la inscripción, actualización y control del Patrimonio Inmobiliario del Estado en el Registro de la Propiedad, para el registro y control administrativo de los inmuebles estatales.

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    Junio, 2012

    Le présent décret fixe l'organisation des conservations de la propriété foncière et des hypothèques. Les services techniques comprennent : le service d'immatriculation ; le service de la publicité foncière ; le service de l’informatique, des archives et de la recherche, le service de la législation et du contentieux, et le service administratif, financier et comptable.Cette Ordonnance qui s’applique aux immeubles bâtis et non bâtis soumis au régime de l’immatriculation foncière, fixe le régime de la propriété foncière en en République gabonaise.

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    Marzo, 1984

    This Act makes provision with respect to the creation and registration of leases. There shall be a Land Leases Register for the registration of each lease required to be registered by this Act. The Act defines various conditions applying to a registered lease and the effects of registration. Other provisions of this Act concern other titles in land such as mortgages and easements, co-ownership, transmission, trusts, and cautions.

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    Enero, 2017

    These Regulations reform the law in Ghana with respect to the granting of timber rights and related matters. They (a) regulate the identification of land suitable for the grant of timber rights, (b) regulate the terms and conditions for small and large scale timber rights, (c) regulate other sources of timber, and (d) provide for a legality licensing scheme.The Forestry Commission shall identify lands suitable for grant of large scale timber utilisation contracts. The Regulations set out the procedures for the identification of lands (including owner consent).

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    Octubre, 2003

    This Law makes provision for the management and use of various types of land, including forestry and agricultural land.Land of Lao PDR shall be under the ownership of the national community and all organizations and individuals shall have the obligation to protect land to ensure that there is no soil erosion, land subsidence and soil degradation.The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry shall be in charge of managing agricultural land, forest land, submerged land, river banks, islands and recovered land.The Law, among other things, further provides for the following: land registration for th

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    Septiembre, 2017
    Cabo Verde

    This Decree-Law establishes the third amendment to Decree-Law No. 37/2014 of 23 July, amended by Decree-Law No. 44/2016 of 6 September, and by Decree-Law No. 52/2015 of 24 September. Amendments deal with the following specific requirements: Exemption from the payment of registration fees; Owners with two or more buildings; Safeguarding of produced effects;

    Amends: Decree-Law No. 37/2014 establishing the special legal regime for the implementation of land cadastre in Sal, Boa Vista, Sao Vicente and Maio islands. (2014-07-22)

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    Septiembre, 1998

    The present Ordinance contains provisions relating to the use of biological waste on agricultural and forestry soil. The text consists of 14 articles as follows: Sphere of application (art. 1); Definition of terms (art. 2); Requirements for waste treatment (art. 3); Requirements relating to harmful substances (art. 4); Requirements for mixed substances (art. 5); Limitations and prohibitions (art. 6); Additional requirements for use of biological waste on green surfaces (art. 7); Biological waste and sludge (art. 8); Monitoring of soil (art.

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    Octubre, 2009

    The Regulation prescribes the state fee amount and payment procedures for registering ownership rights and pledge rights in the Land Register, and the state fee exemptions. The state fee for registering ownership rights and pledge rights in the Land Register is paid prior to the registration of such rights in the Land Register, and this payment is transferred to State basic budget.

    Implements: Land Register Law. (2004-04-22)

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