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    مرسوم بقانون رقم 40 لسنة 1999م بشأن تملك مواطني دول مجلس التعاون لدول الخليج العربية للعقارارت المبنية والأراضي في دولة البحرين

    Bahrein, Asia occidental

    This Legislative Decree allows citizens of the Cooperation Council of Arab Gulf Countries to appropriate land in the Kingdom of Bahrain with the same rights of Bahraini citizens. All preceding laws related to the appropriation of lands by citizens of Cooperation Council of Arab Gulf Countries are now abrogated.

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    Belarús, Europa oriental, Europa

    This Law establishes forms of property ownership, providing for the recognition and protection of property rights. Owners (physical persons, legal entities or the State) shall have the right of possession, use and transfer. Objects of property rights covered by this Law include: land, soil, water, air space, vegetation and wildlife, buildings, installations, equipment, subjects of material and spiritual culture, intellectual property, information, money, securities and other moveable and real property. The law provides for joint ventures as well.

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    An Act to provide for the appointment of District and Town Officers.

    Tonga, Oceanía

    This Act divides Tonga into the districts and makes provision for designation of town boundaries by the Minister, the election of town officers and district officers, and duties of district officers.

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    Azerbaiyán, Asia occidental, Asia

    The Land Code (115 articles) is divided into 16 sections: General Provisions (1), Rights and obligations of proprietors (2), Farmland (3), Landownership, landholding and land use (4), Land of settlements (5), Land for industry, transportation, communication and other purposes (6), Land in sub-urban and green zones (7), Land of forest, water bodies and the land reserve (8), Damages (9), Land protection (10), Monitoring the use and protection of land (11), State land records (12), Land management (13), Settlement of disputes (14), Accountability (15) and International treaties (16).The Code o

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    This Act provides generally the forms of ownership and types of property in the USSR. Union and autonomous Republics are to promulgate more detailed legislation within this framework, especially regarding the possession, use and disposition of land and other natural resources on their territories. The Act defines property which may be in ownership, including land, its minerals, water, flora and fauna. The Act permits joint ventures and foreign ownership. The Act identifies the ownership rights of collective associations, and individual citizens within those collectives.

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    Antigua y Barbuda, Caribe, Américas

    This Act provides rules relative to the holding of land in Antigua and Barbuda by a person who is not a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda.“Non-citizen” is defined by the Act. No land or mortgage on land shall be held by unlicensed non-citizens but land may be acquired under a lease not exceeding more than five years. Licences to hold land or a mortgage in land shall be granted by the Governor-General. Land that is held in an unlawful manner shall be forfeited.

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    Bulgaria, Europa oriental, Europa

    These Amendments concern the Law on the Ownership and Use of Farmland. The Law regulates the ownership and use of agricultural lands. Agricultural lands may be the property of citizens, state, townships and juridical persons. Foreign juridical persons and foreign citizens may acquire use rights to agricultural land. There are also provisions relating to owners of land incorporated into cooperative farms. The ownership right to agricultural land taken away from the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, cooperatives and other organizations shall be restored upon their request.

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    An Act to regulate the conditions on which Africans may reside on Private Estates, the Orderly Development of Agricultural Land and Matters connected therewith.

    Malawi, África, África oriental

    The Act requires landowners to register Africans residing on their estate for the purpose of growing any economic crop for sale or performing any agricultural work. “African” means any person who is a member of an African community indigenous to Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia or Mozambique. This Act shall not apply to any African who is in occupation of land on an estate by virtue of a valid lease or tenancy agreement for a period of not less than two years.

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    Madagascar, África, África oriental

    Les articles 46 et 47 de la présente loi fixent les conditions du bail des terrains destinés à l’aménagement des ZFI ou à l’installation d’entreprise franche pour les promoteurs étrangers.

    Mis en oeuvre par: Décret n° 92-809 portant application de la loi modifiée n° 89-027 du 29 décembre 1989. (1992-09-09)

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    مرسوم بقانون رقم 1 لسنة 1995م بتنظيم تملك مواطني دول مجلس التعاون لدول الخليج العربية للعقارات والأراضي

    Bahrein, Asia occidental

    The purpose of this Legislative Decree is to regulate the appropriation of lands and buildings in Bahrain by citizens of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf. This Legislative Decree is composed of 11 articles. Article 1 defines the requirements and conditions for appropriation of lands and buildings in Bahrain by physical persons of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf. Article 2 allows the appropriation of more than two lands only by obtaining previous authorization by the Government of Bahrain. Article 5 deals with the transfer of property.

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