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    Manual y guías
    Marzo, 2017

    This note is part of an Action Notes series and provides guidance for governments and companies on how they can provide effective remedies to affected parties who perceive that their rights have been adversely affected by invesments.

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    Legislación y políticas
    Noviembre, 1959

    This text also includes the 1960 Urban Rent Control (Amendment) Act (1960 Act Number 20)and the 1961 Urban Rent Control (Amendment) Act (1961 Act number 31)

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    Documentos de política y resúmenes
    Diciembre, 1998

    Net farm income for all representative farms except small size and low profit farms in 2007 will be higher than in 1998. Net farm income for small and low profit farms will remain the same and decrease, respectively, for the forecasting period. Cropland prices are projected to fall in all regions of North Dakota after having peaked in 1997. Cash rental rates are projected to follow cropland prices. Debt-to-asset ratios for most farms fall across the forecast period. Debt-to-asset ratios for the low profit and small size farms are higher than those for large and high profit farms.

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    Documentos de política y resúmenes
    Diciembre, 1999

    Net farm income for most representative farms in 2008 will be higher than in 1999. However, low profit farms, which consist of 25% of the farms in the study, may have a negative net farm income throughout the forecasting period and may not have financial resiliency to survive. This is true under both optimistic and pessimistic scenarios. All farms except low profit farms may do well under the optimistic scenario, while only high profit farms may be able to survive under the pessimistic scenario. Cropland prices are projected to remain constant.

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    Documentos de conferencias e informes
    Marzo, 2020

    Rhe North-East Land Conference, organized by the Martin Luther Christian University (MLCU), Shillong, North-Eastern Region Community Resource Management Programme (NERCORMP), Shillong; North East Network (NEN), NRMC-Centre for Land Governance (NRMC-CLG); and Rongmei Naga Baptist Convention (RNBA), Manipur evident the significance tenure dynamics and development paradigms in North East Region deliberating on land, laws, locals and livelihoods on 30-31st January, 2020 at Shillong. 

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