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    قرار جمهوري بالقانون رقم (39) لسنة 1991م بشأن السجل العقاري

    Yemen, Asia occidental

    This Resolution is composed of 37 articles. Terms and definitions are given in article 1. Lands shall be divided into 3 parts: public lands, private lands and endowment lands (art. 2). There shall be two systems for land registration: individual and corporate body (art. 3). The inheritance right shall be written if it includes a land (art. 10). Rent contracts which exceed 5 years shall be registered in the appropriate newspaper (art. 13). Articles 20-26 deals with dispute settlements. The Prime Minister shall issue the Regulation for registration fees (art. 33).

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    Belarús, Europa oriental, Europa

    The Supreme Soviet decrees as follows: 1). to put into effect the law regarding the right to land property from the 1st of September 1993; 2). till the conformation of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus to the law regarding the right to land property the effective legislative acts must be used to the extent that they do not contradict the aforesaid law; 3).

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    Belarús, Europa oriental, Europa

    The present Law establishes the form of land ownership, the base of origin, changes and cessation of land ownership, regulates the order of realization of the rights and the duties of landowners. The land relationship connected with privatisation of buildings, structures, and constructions belonging to state property are regulated by special acts related to land legislation. Land ownership in the Republic of Belarus is present in the forms of state and private ownership.

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    Convenciones internacionales o Tratados
    Bangladesh, Europa oriental, Europa, Europa septentrional, Asia, Asia meridional

    The objectives pursued by this Agreement are to enhance and develop the various aspects of cooperation between the Contracting Parties in several areas, including among others environmental protection, trade and commercial cooperation, human and animal health.

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    An Act relating to land.

    Tonga, Oceanía

    This Act provides for recognition and protection of titles in land, administration of land, use of land for public purposes, the land court and adjudication and various other matters relating to land.The Act consists of 170 sections divided into 10 Parts: General (I); Administration (II); Hereditary estates (III); Tax and town allotments (IV); Tongan leases (V); Mortgages (VI); The Foreshore (VII); Registration of title (VIII); Land for public purposes (IX); The Land Court (X).Section 3 declares all land of Tonga to be property of the Crown.

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    An Act to make provision relating to wills, probate and administration of estates of deceased persons and for other matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

    Islas Salomón, Oceanía

    The Act regulates inheritance and granting of administration of estates of deceased persons and contains rules regarding administration of such estates. The provisions of this Act shall not apply to or in relation to customary land. 'Estate' in relation to land belonging to the estate of a deceased person, has the meaning assigned to the expression "estate" in section 2 of the Land and Titles Act and includes any freehold or leasehold interest in land within the meaning of section 9 of the Land and Titles Act

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    An Act for the Amendment of the Wills Act, 1837.

    Tokelau, Oceanía

    Amendment relating to the form of wills and legal consequences.

    Amends: Wills Act, 1837. (1837-07-03)

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    An Act for the amendment of the Laws with respect to Wills.

    Tokelau, Oceanía

    The United Kingdom Act regulates matters of wills and inheritance of estates of deceased persons. A general devise of the testator's lands shall include copyhold and leasehold as well as freehold lands, in the absence of a contrary intention (sect. 26).

    Amended by: Wills Amendment Act, 1852. (1852-06-17)

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    An Act for the amendment and consolidation of the law with respect to wills.

    Samoa, Oceanía

    This Act regulates various matters relating to deeds of heritage. Property which may be disposed of by will is defined in section 3. Other matters covered are: wills of minors; form of will; manner of revocation of will, alteration in a will after execution; revival of revoked will; general devise of land to include leasehold as well as freehold land; devise of real estate without any words of limitation; execution of wills made abroad.

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    An Act to make provision for the government of Western Samoa.

    Samoa, Nueva Zelandia, Oceanía

    This Act concerns the government of Samoa. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in any Act, or in any rule of law, or in any lease, it shall not be lawful for any person to distrain for rent. The only other provision of this Act concerns legal capacity and status of married women.

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