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    Областной закон Ростовской области от 29 июля 2015 г. N 393-ЗС "О внесении изменений в Областной закон "О регулировании земельных отношений в Ростовской области".

    Rusia, Europa oriental, Europa

    Article 8 (5) shall be amended to add the following wording: “The right to once-only allotment free of charge in ownership of land plots for gardening, horticulture or peri-urban agriculture shall be granted to citizens having already in actual use the aforesaid plots of land. The aforesaid plots of land pertain to low-yielding and disturbed land”.

    Amends: Regional Law No. 19-zs “On regulation of land relations”. (2015-02-25)

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    Закон Архангельской области от 13 февраля 2012 г. N 427-28-ОЗ "О внесении изменения в статью 7 областного закона "О регулировании отношений в сфере сохранения, использования, популяризации и государственной охраны объектов культурного наследия ...

    Rusia, Europa oriental, Europa

    Article 4 shall be amended to add the following wording: “Authorized regional state institution in the sphere of cultural heritage shall carry out state registration thereof, historical and cultural expertise, elaboration of areas of cultural heritage and mapping of the boundaries thereof”.

    Amends: Regional Law No. 132-10-OZ “On regulation of relations in the sphere of conservation, management, promotion and state protection of the objects of cultural heritage. (2011-04-27)

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    Polonia, Europa oriental, Europa

    This Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, which is composed of thirteen paragraphs and one Annex, establishes: requirements to be met by additives to enrich soil originated from animal by-products (soil improvers); veterinary requirements for neutralizing soil improvers; conditions for using soil improvers.

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    Julio, 2003
    Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Cabo Verde, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Malí, Níger, Senegal, Chad, Afganistán, Armenia, Azerbaiyán, Burundi, Bolivia, Bhután, Botswana, República Centroafricana, Etiopía, Kazajstán, Kirguistán, Laos, Lesotho, Moldavia, Macedonia del Norte, Mongolia, Malawi, Nepal, Paraguay, Rwanda, Sudán del Sur, Esuatini, Tayikistán, Turkmenistán, Uganda, Uzbekistán, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Aruba, Anguilla, Samoa Americana, Antigua y Barbuda, Bahrein, Bahamas, Belice, Barbados, Islas Cook, Comoras, Cuba, Curaçao, Dominica, República Dominicana, Fiji, Micronesia, Granada, Guam, Guyana, Haití, Jamaica, Kiribati, Saint Kitts y Nevis, Santa Lucía, Maldivas, Islas Marshall, Islas Marianas del Norte, Montserrat, Nueva Caledonia, Niue, Nauru, Palau, Papua Nueva Guinea, Puerto Rico, Polinesia Francesa, Singapur, Islas Salomón, Santo Tomé y Príncipe, Suriname, Sint Maarten, Seychelles, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Trinidad y Tabago, Tuvalu, San Vicente y las Granadinas, Islas Vírgenes, Islas Vírgenes de los Estados Unidos, Vanuatu, Samoa, África, África occidental, África Central

    La présente loi autorise la ratification de la réglementation commune aux Etats membres du CILSS sur l’homologation des pesticides, révisée et adoptée par le Conseil des Ministres du CILSS, le 16 décembre 1999 à N’Djaména (Tchad), dont le but est de mettre en commun (dans un cadre sous-régional de coopération) les expériences et l’expertise des Etats membres pour l’évaluation et l’homologation des pesticides afin d’assurer leur utilisation rationnelle et judicieuse, ainsi que la protection de la santé humaine et de l’environnement.

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    Junio, 1996

    Ukraine shall be a sovereign and independent, democratic, social, law-based state (Article 1). The sovereignty of Ukraine shall extend throughout its entire territory. Ukraine shall be a unitary state. The territory of Ukraine within its present borders shall be indivisible and inviolable (Article 2). Everyone shall have the right to an environment that is safe for life and health, and to compensation for damages caused by violation of this right.

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    ЗАКОН УКРАИНЫ О Государственном земельном кадастре (Ведомости Верховной Рады Украины (ВВР), 2012, N 8, ст.61) {С изменениями, внесенными согласно Законам N 4152-VI ( 4152 -17 ) от 09.12.2011, ВВР, 2012, N 29, ст.331 N 4444-VI ( 4444 - 17 ) от 23...


    This Law establishes legal, economic and organizational grounds for the functioning of State land cadastre. It contains VII Sections divided into 41 Articles: (I) General provisions; (II) State bodies responsible for keeping state land cadastre; (III) Data contained in state land cadastre; (IV) Keeping state land cadastre; (V) Guarantees of reliability of data contained in state land cadastre, liability in the sphere of state land cadastre; (VI) Fees and charges for services rendered by state land cadastre; and (VII) Conclusive and transitional provisions.

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    Закон Ленинградской области от 2 декабря 2005 г. N 107-оз "Об обороте земель сельскохозяйственного назначения на территории Ленинградской области" (Принят Законодательным собранием Ленинградской области 23 ноября 2005 года) (с изменениями от 9...


    This Regional Law regulates turnover of agricultural land except for agricultural land parcels allotted to citizens for individual subsistence farming, gardening, horticulture and stockbreeding. Minimum agricultural land area shall not be under one hectare and maximum agricultural land area shall not exceed 10 percent of total available agricultural land area within the boundaries of a given municipal unit. Agricultural land parcels shall be allotted to citizens in ownership or on lease through tenders.

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    Diciembre, 2003

    This Regional Law regulates relations regarding transactions with agricultural land, establishes terms and conditions of allotment of plots of agricultural land pertaining to public and municipal land, and also establishes maximum land area of the plots of agricultural land. It shall not be applicable to agricultural land destined for subsidiary private farming, gardening and horticulture. Minimum land area of a plot of agricultural land cannot be less than a land share in common land ownership.

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    Julio, 1994

    All citizens of the Republic of Moldova are equal before the Law indifferent on their origin, their origin, their social and patrimonial state, their race and nationality, their sex, education, language, religion, occupation, place of residence and other circumstances (Article 4).

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