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    On Equal Ground: Promising Practices for Realizing Women’s Rights in Collectively Held Lands
    Informes e investigaciones
    Febrero, 2021
    África, México, Indonesia

    Sustainable land governance requires that all members of a community, both women and men, have equal rights and say in decisions that affect their collectively-held lands. Unfortunately, women around the world have less land ownership and weaker land rights than men – but this can change, and this report shows ways how that can be done.

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    Volume 10 Issue 3

    Publicación revisada por pares
    Marzo, 2021
    Indonesia, Noruega

    Informal settlements represent a challenging operational context for local government service providers due to precarious contextual conditions. Location choice and land procurement for public infrastructure raise the complicated question: who has the right to occupy, control, and use a piece of land in informal settlements? There is currently a dearth of intelligence on how to identify well-located land for public infrastructure, spatially and with careful consideration for safeguarding the claimed rights and preventing conflicts.

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    Volume 10 Issue 3

    Publicación revisada por pares
    Marzo, 2021

    The rise of urban populations has rendered cities in both developed and developing countries vulnerable to poor health and diseases that are associated with urban living conditions and environments. Therefore, there is a growing consensus that while personal factors are critical in determining health, the urban environment exacerbates or mitigates health outcomes, and as such the solution for improving health outcomes in urban settings can be found in addressing socio-environmental factors that shape urban environments.

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Marzo, 2017
    República Centroafricana, Noruega

    Issues swirling around land across Africa have never been so central to key social and political-economic dynamics as they are at the present time. The first part of the paper briefly reviews the construction of customary tenure and the historical phases of administrative interventions into land tenure, and considers their heritage in contemporary situations.

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Diciembre, 2014

    This study examines the effects of land tenure systems on resource-use productivity and efficiency in the Upper East region of Ghana with data drawn from the Ghana Agricultural Production Survey. A stochastic frontier model is employed to analyse resource-use productivity and efficiency of the rice farms. The study establishes that rice farms under the various land tenure systems are technically inefficient. Technical efficiency for the pooled sample was 61.80%.

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Enero, 2018

    This paper uses data collected in Thailand among permanent rural-urban migrants to analyse the motivations in land temporary transfers such as free loans or rentals. Land transfers are here looked at in a continuum and categorized according to three characteristics: the nature of the relationship between the parties of the exchange, the monetary nature of the payment as well as its explicit or imlicit nature. This methodology allows a richer typology than traditionnally used in empiric literature, and distinguishes between various loans that are not always free.

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Junio, 2015
    India, Territorio Británico del Océano Índico

    This paper analyze the colonial institutions set up by the British to collect land revenue in India, and show that differences in historical property rights institutions lead to sustained differences in economic outcomes. Areas in which proprietary rights in land were historically given to landlords have significantly lower agricultural investments, agricultural productivity and investments in public goods in the post-Independence period than areas in which these rights were given to the cultivators.

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Enero, 2018

    Planting trees on public lands are often considered unsustainable due to the rights of individuals arc weak. Therefore it is important to know the individuals tree rights to promote tree planting. The study aims to conceptualize tree tenure system to encourage better management of agroforestry at the farm level. The result showed variation on tree tenure rights can be separated from land tenure rights, but attached to a custom or habit which is a local setting (customary).

  9. Library Resource
    Informes e investigaciones
    Enero, 1978

    Census, surveys and research studies conventionally identify three tenure classes -owner-operators, part-tenants and tenants - in Bangladesh. Some sources identify two more classes-part-operators and absentee owners. Conceptual deficiencies of these 3 or 5 type tenure classifications are discussed and alternative conceptual framework is suggested for identifying and classifying tenure relationship. Applying the suggested framework, 17 different tenure relations were identified in a sample of 385 farms.

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Junio, 2009

    This study assessed the preference for and efficiency of land tenure contract arrangements in rice farming in West Java, Indonesia. Specifically, it examined the transaction costs associated with land tenure contracts, the land tenure contract preference, the efficiency of land tenure contracts, and the policy agenda to address the problems of land tenure efficiency. Three types of land tenure contracts were considered: sharecropping, fixed rental and mortgage.

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