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    Reino Unido, Europa, Europa septentrional

    Authorized under section 112 of the Water Act 1989 (a summary was published in FAO Food and Agricultural Legislation No. 39, Dec. 1990, p.51), this Order designates certain lands as Nitrate Sensitive Areas (Schedule 3) to prevent or control the entry of nitrate into controlled waters in connection with the use of any land for agricultural purposes. This Order applies to England only.

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    China, Asia oriental, Asia

    The Law is divided into 8 Chapters: General Provisions (I); Ownership and Right to the Use Land (II); General Plans for the Utilization of Land (III); Protection of Cultivated Land (IV); Land for Construction Purposes (V); Supervision and Examination (VI); Legal Responsibilities (VII); Supplementary Provisions (VIII).This Law grants the ownership of land in rural and suburban areas to the collectives. Such land must be registered and recorded by the Governments at the county level. State-owned land may be used by units or by individuals and is recorded by local People's Governments.

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    قرار رقم 333 باصدار القانون رقم (42) لسنة 1987م بشأن اعادة تنظيم الملكية الزراعية الخاضعة للإصلاح الزراعي

    Iraq, Asia occidental

    This Law focuses on the reorganization of landownership subject to agricultural land projects. It provides for ways to compensate landowners for expropriation and gives indications concerning the recording of land. It is the duty of the Lands and Appropriation Committee to notify the corresponding Real Estate Registration Department.

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    An Act instituting a comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program to promote social justice and industrialization, providing the mechanism for its implementation, and for other purposes.

    Filipinas, Asia sudoriental, Asia

    The Act consists of 78 sections, divided into 15 Chapters.(A) Policy Framework. It is the stated policy of the state to see to the welfare of the landless farmers and farmworkers, and to establish the owner-cultivatorship of economic-size farms as the basis of Philippine agriculture. To this end, and Agrarian Reform Program which is based on the right of landless farmers and farmworkers to own the land they till, or to receive a fair share of the fruits of their labour.

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    Camboya, Asia, Asia sudoriental

    This text consists of 6 articles. Article 1 establishes the concept of precinct forests defined as the inland and marine fisheries domain and reserved for fishery productivity. Article 2 subjects the issuing of the land property in the precinct forest to the approval by the Ministry of Agriculture. The conduct of activities such as clearing, chopping, reclaiming or burning is prohibited unless prior authorization of the Ministry of Agriculture has been granted (art. 3).

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    Mayo, 1963
    Oceanía, Australia

    The Regulations contain rules for the election procedure of the Soil Conservation District Advisory Committee, provided for in section 15 of the principal Act. The Committee shall consist of a representative of the Soil Conservation Authority and representatives of Government departments or public authorities and persons appointed as representing grazing, agricultural and other relevant interests in the District. The persons appointed as representing special interests shall be appointed after elections, regulated by the present Regulations.

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    The Act (48 sections, 1 Schedule) is divided into 6 Parts: Preliminary (I), Administration (II), Soil Conservation Service (III), Soil Conservation Reserves (IV), Areas of Erosion Hazard (V) and Miscellaneous (VI). The Soil Conservation Service is established as part of the Department of Agriculture, headed by the Commissioner of Soil Conservation, as well as the Soil Conservation Advisory Committee. The administration may declare areas to be Soil Conservation Reserves or Area of Erosion Hazard.

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    An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the conservation of soil resources and to facilitate the implementation of soil conservation measures by landholders for the mitigation of soil erosion.

    Australia, Oceanía

    This Act consist of 7 Parts divided into 41 sections: Preliminary (1), Administration (2), Approved Property Plans (3), Project Areas (4), Objections and Appeals (5), Financial Assistance (6), General Provisions (7). The Act vests powers in the chief executive of Primary Industries relating to soil conservation to facilitate the implementation of soil conservation by land holders. The main instruments are property plans, run-off coordination notices, project plans for project areas and soil conservation orders.

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    Zimbabwe, África, África oriental

    No person may discharge any effluent liquid onto land or use any effluent liquid for the irrigation of any land, without appoval by the appropriate health authority (sect. 3). No person may use any effluent liquid from any sewage-treatment installation or oxidation ponds for the irrigation of any land where crops for consumption are present (sect. 6). No person may use such liquid for the irrigation of any land within 200 metres of an occupied dwelling or 50 meters from any road using sprinklers, unless such liquids comply with standards as set out in the Schedule (sect. 7).

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    Belice, Américas, América central

    The Ordinance consists of 19 articles that are divided into three Parts: Preliminary (I); Subdivision (II) and Utilization (III). No person may subdivide any land to which this Act applies except in accordance with the provisions contained in the Act. Part III empowers the Minister to make regulations for the better utilization of land regarding, inter alia, the prohibition of land clearing within demarcated catchment areas, measures to prevent soil erosion, restrictions on construction and the demarcation of special development areas.

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