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    Enero, 1967

    This New Zealand Law, consisting of 33 Parts and 3 Schedules, provides for various matters that apply to the territory of Niue, including Village Councils, cases stated by the High Court or Land Court or Land Appellate Court and cases stated by Supreme Court for Land Appellate Court, land taxes and land development. The Land Court may by Order declare that any Niuean land shall be subject to the provisions of act relating to land development.

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    Diciembre, 2016
    Papua Nueva Guinea

    This Act amends the Survey Act in provisions relating to fees for registration and other acts relating to surveying. The word "prescribed" in relation to fees is cancelled in sections 19, 19A, 19B, and 19C.

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    Febrero, 2016

    This Act continues District Courts established under the repealed Act as subordinate Courts of record, and those courts shall be constituted, empowered, administered and staffed in accordance with this Act. A District Court Judge has jurisdiction to hear and determine any action for the recovery of freehold land, or any interest in land, if the assessed capital value of that land or interest does not exceed $100,000, or the annual rental for that land does not exceed $20,000.

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    Septiembre, 2010

    This Act amends certain provision of the Constitution of Tonga. In particular, it updates the supreme law of Tonga as regards the rule of law and the judicial power. It is worth noticing the insertion of New Clause 83A “Rule of law and Judicial Independence”, which stipulates that the existing underlying constitutional principles of the Rule of Law and Judicial Independence shall always be maintained.

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    Enero, 1997

    This Act amends Clauses 77 (concerning elections) and 113 (regarding right to allotments) of the Constitution of Tonga.

    Amends: Act of Constitution of Tonga. (1875-11-01)

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    Febrero, 1985

    This Act provides rules relative to the carrying out of land survey and creates the Land Surveyors Board. The Board shall maintain a register of surveyors, determine the qualifications and experience of surveyors and hear and determine disciplinary proceedings against surveyors in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

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    Noviembre, 1961

    This Act defines the right and procedures to sue the Kingdom of Tonga and liability of the the Kingdom and related persons in tort. The Act also concerns legal proceedings, performance by the Kingdom and the execution of judgements.

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    Diciembre, 1997

    This Act concerns establishment and functioning of the traditional assembly in each island of Tuvalu. The Falekaupule listed in Schedule 1 are established and shall have the areas of authority specified in that Schedule in respect of each Falekaupule.

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