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    г.Бишкек, Дом Правительства от 29 ноября 1999 года N 649 Постановление Правительства Кыргызской Республики Об утверждении Положения о передаче в аренду и использовании пастбищ

    Rusia, Kirguistán, Asia, Asia central

    This Ministerial Decree validates the Regulation on transfer in lease and management of pastures and the form of contract for transfer of the plots of pasture areas. It classifies pastures as: (a) pastures for transhumance; (b) pastures for intensive management; (c) pastures located between transhumance areas and fixed pasture areas; and (d) pastures of the inhabited areas. All pasture areas shall be mapped and shall have boundaries designated afield.

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    الخطة الوطنية لمكافحة التصحر في الجمهورية العربية السورية

    Políticas Nacionales
    Siria, Asia occidental

    This sectorial Action Plan aims at proposing measures to protect the national soil from deterioration, limit the land degradation and soil erosion, and to combat the desertification. It is meant as an implementation of the art. 4 of the International Convention to Combat Desertification of 1994.The Plan can be divided in three main sections. The first section deals with the status of climate, natural and water resources in Syria. The second one reports measures and projects hold in the past years facing the matter.

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    Turquía, Asia occidental, Asia

    This Law amends the Law No. 5403 on Soil Preservation and Land Utilization and the Law No. 4342 on pastures.This Law adds two new clauses (f) and (g) to Article. 13 of the Law No. 5403 on the use of agricultural lands other than agricultural purposes. The new clauses set forth agticultural lands may be used for renewable energy production purposes and geothermal greenhouse investments. The Law also repeals Provisional Article. 3 and adds a new provisional article to the above mentioned Law No. 5403. This Law further makes amendments in the Law No. 4342 by adding two new clauses to Article.

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    Políticas Nacionales
    Nepal, Asia, Asia meridional

    The Forestry Sector Policy is a national sectoral policy which sets forth long-term, medium-term and short term objectives relating to the sustainable use of forest resources. The long-term objectives of the Policy are: a) to meet the people’s basic needs for forestry products on a sustainable basis; b) to contribute to food production; c) to protect land from degradation; d) to conserve and use biological diversity and genetic resources in a sustainable manner; e) to create opportunities for income generation and employment.

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    Filipinas, Asia sudoriental, Asia

    This Act lays down the basic principles of forest management and conservation, makes provision for the administration of forestry (Chap. I), the survey and classification of lands for purposes of forestry (Chap. II), and the use of forest resources (Chap. III).Basic policy principles are outlined in section 2. Section 3 contains definitions.

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    Bhután, Asia, Asia meridional

    The present Act provides for the management, regulation and administration of the ownership and use of land for socio-economic development and environmental well-being of the country through efficient and effective land administration, security of land tenure, equal opportunity to land, facilitation of operation of land market, effective use of land resources and conservation of the ecosystem.

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    Sri Lanka, Asia, Asia meridional

    This Act is to provide for the reservation of certain State lands as pasture land. The Minister may by Order published in the Gazette declare any State land to be reserved as pasture land (sect. 2). There are provisions regarding the power of entry and inspection of the Land Commissioner (sect. 7) and offences and penalties under this Act (sect. 9). The Land Commissioner may lease pasture land to persons engaged in the business of livestock breeding and to those who have the capacity to manage and develop such pasture land (sect. 3).

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    Toprak Koruma ve Arazi Kullanımı Kanunu.

    Turquía, Asia occidental, Asia

    This Law sets forth the rules and principles for determining land and soil resources and their classification, preparing land utilization plans, preventing non-purpose utilization, and defining the tasks and obligations to ensure land and soil preservation. Soil Preservation Boards are established in each province to examine, assess and monitor the activities related to the preservation, development and productive utilization of lands. Lands are classified as absolute farming lands, special crop lands, cultivated farming lands and marginal farming lands.

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    ПРАВИТЕЛЬСТВО КЫРГЫЗСКОЙ РЕСПУБЛИКИ ПОСТАНОВЛЕНИЕ от 13 сентября 2013 года № 515 О порядке предоставления права пользования пастбищными ресурсами в иных целях, не связанных с выпасом скота.

    Rusia, Kirguistán, Asia, Asia central

    This Ministerial Decree establishes the modalities of the use of pastures and grazing resources for the purposes not related to grazing of cattle. It specifies that local authorities shall be granted the right to allocate pastures and grazing resources for payment in accordance with contracts for use of pastures and grazing resources for purposes not related to grazing of cattle. The right of use of pastures for the period of over three years shall be subject to compulsory state registration.

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    Turquía, Asia occidental, Asia

    The purpose of this Law is the determination, delimitation, allocation of areas such as ranges, pastures, wintersheds (winter range lands) or highlands to juridical entities like villages or municipalities and making use of them in a manner abiding by the rules, increasing or sustaining productivity through maintenance and improvement, controlling that use continuously, protecting them and changing their purpose of use when necessary. The determination, delimitation and allocation of ranges, highlands and wintersheds are undertaken by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

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