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    Workshop 9 Synthesis - World Forum On Access To Land

    Documentos de conferencias e informes
    Enero, 2017

    Research and direct witnessing by participants allow realization of the extent to which the situation of native/indigenous peoples and rural communities in general (peasant, forest dwelling, pastoral and fishing) is dramatic everywhere on the planet. 2.5 billion people, members of so called indigenous/native peoples and rural populations in general, live on lands that they share and use in common. However, only a fifth of these lands are registered as community territories by national governments.

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Abril, 2018

    Throughout 2017, Spatial Collective applied new technologies to the data capture element of land registration in order to test whether affordable tools for documentation of land exist, whether these tools can reach the accuracy standards required by the state, and whether communities can replicate the work of a professional surveyorTo do this, our research looked into the land demarcation process, determined whether new technologies were of quality and met national standards, and gauged the most cost-effective tools which are widely accessible to local c

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Julio, 2018
    Sierra Leona

    This report analyses the land registration system and applicable legal framework in Sierra Leone to determine whether these ensure adequate transparency and accountability, particularly in the context of beneficial ownership.

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    Enero, 2018

    Mining Cadastre Portal 

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Septiembre, 2015

    Until recently, the legal framework on land was marred by the existence of multiple land laws, some of which were incompatible. These laws, coupled with the rampant land injustices hampered efficacy in land ownership, management and administration of land. As a result, the Constitution of Kenya (CoK) has changed the laws on land and the dispute resolution institutions.

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    Artículos de revistas y libros
    Mayo, 2018

    A stalemate over activation of an online platform that may exclude lawyers from the multi-billion shilling land conveyancing business has been referred to a soon-to-be formed taskforce.

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    Recursos y herramientas de capacitación
    Enero, 2014
    África subsahariana, Kenya, Madagascar, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Camerún, Sudáfrica, Ghana

    Land is a vital resource that sustains livelihoods across Sub-Saharan Africa, but also one that is heavily prone to corruption. Every second citizen in Africa has been affected by land corruption in recent years, according to a study by Transparency International.

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    Artículos de revistas y libros
    Enero, 2019

    An Introduction to Blockchain

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    Documentos de política y resúmenes
    Marzo, 2020
    África oriental, Mozambique

    This Briefing Paper is based on the outcomes and lessons from projects recently completed in Mozambique, funded by DFID’s LEGEND programme, wider analysis conducted by that programme, and the knowledge and practical experience of the authors. The briefing is a summary of a longer Policy & Practice Paper by Norfolk, S., Quan, J. & D. Mullins (2020), “Land Policy and Practice in Mozambique: Options for Securing Tenure and Documenting Land Rights”.

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