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The power of Informal Settlements. The Case of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

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Noviembre 2012
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This paper discusses the importance of maps in urban planning and the consequences for cities planned within a'non existent maps context', when the power of decision belongs to the dwellers. The power of the maps resides intheir facticity; the analytical measure of factual objectivity and the credibility that it brings to the collective discourse.Placing informality on maps will recognize the weaker dwellers and the 'formal world' could gain benefits from theinformal. Three design concepts on public space are presented, territoriality, liminality and seasonality, extracted from Dar esSalaam's informal settlements, that could contribute as design tools for 'global South' cities. The discussion is basedon literature, theoretical concepts, observations and interviews from a field study in March 2012 where experts fromthe Tanzanian housing ministry, NGO experts and academicians, street leaders and community dwellers fromsettlements in Manseze, Bugurundi, and Mlalakua were consulted.

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Maria Isabel Rasmussen

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