Mitigating Environmental Sustainability Challenges and Enhancing Health in Urban Communities: The Multi-functionality of Green Infrastructure | Land Portal

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Enero 2020
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Green Infrastructure GI facilities have the capacity to enhance health and mitigate Environmental Sustainability Challenges ESC However the extent of the mitigation and health benefits is unclear in developing countries This study examined the impact of GI on ESC and Perceived Health PH of urban residents in Lagos Metropolis Nigeria Multistage sampling technique was used to select 1858 residents of Lagos Metropolis who completed semistructured questionnaires Descriptive statistics and chisquare test were used to explore data distributions and assess the association of the availability of GI with residents PH and ESC Odds ratio with 95 confidence interval OR95CI were estimated for good health and ESC mitigation Participants were mostly men 589 and younger than 50 years old 863 Good health 205 and high mitigation of ESC collection and disposal of waste527 and official development assistance639 were reported where GI is mostly available Participants were more likely to report good health OR140 95CI102192 and high mitigation of ESC water quality OR142 95CI112181 passenger transport mode OR141 95CI106189 where GI are mostly available Availability of Green infrastructure is supporting health and mitigating environmental sustainability challenges in the study area Green infrastructure should be provided in urban areas where environmental sustainability is under threat

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Adedotun Ayodele Dipeolu, Onoja Matthew Akpa, Akinlabi Joseph Fadamiro

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