Impact Of Urbanization On The Dune Ecosystem: Case Of The City Of ‎Echatt And Sidi Mbarek (El Tarf)‎ | Land Portal

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Enero 2023
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Context and backgroundThroughout history, the severity of coastal impacts has varied depending on social and environmental factors. Human activities in general have caused large-scale environmental and morphological changes, and our study area is not outside this context.Goal and Objectives:This study aims to reveal the evolution of urban fabric of the city of Echatt and sidimbarek and their degree of influence on the state of dune cordon last 37 years.Methodology:The methodology followed during this study is based on satellite and topographic data as well as on measurements and observations made in the field. In order to study the evolution of urban fabric of the study area.The approach adopted is based on a study of several satellite images and google Earth pro images at different dates in order to determine the extent of changes that occurred between 1984 and 2021.Results:The results show an increase in coastal urbanization at varying rates amounting to 11.92 ha/year between (1984-2000), 4.95 ha/year between (2000; 2010) and 9. 92 ha/year between (2010,2021); and landscape changes that have developed at different rates over time due to the exploitation of the dune cordon of the city of echatt and sidimbarek in an irrational way that can lead to a total removal of vegetation cover, because according to the results obtained, more than half of the vegetation cover of the coastal dunes has been removed in 37 years Thematic maps and results obtained at different periods show that the forest landscape has gradually converted into dry land despite the entry into force of the Algerian Coastal Law 02-02 on the protection and enhancement of the coast, which aimed at the protection of the coast and sustainable use of its resources. 

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Bilal Belloulou, Fouzia Houma Bachari, Ismail Guebbabi

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