Occupants’ Opinions On Housing Conditions: The Case Of Affordable Housing Schemes In Enugu, Nigeria Turning Into Slums | Land Portal

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Enero 2023
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Context and backgroundTypical of an urban character, constant population growth in Enugu necessitated the need to provide adequate housing to the teeming population. In addition to the housing provision, a decent mass housing project was developed through proper spatial planning. In addition, the Enugu population, which is predominantly low-income, requires that such decent housing be made affordable. Although a profit-oriented free market may not guarantee cheap and decent housing, the government has done well by developing various affordable housing projects to ensure that the low-income population of Enugu has both decent and affordable homes. Nevertheless, over time, some of these houses seem to be deteriorating, and most of them are believed to have turned into slums.Goal and Objectives:To examine the housing conditionTo sample the opinions of the occupants of these housing schemes regarding the causes of slum emergence.Methodology:A structured survey was conducted using questionnaires distributed to selected households as the sample population of households occupying housing estates in the study area.Results:The collected data suggest that the housing conditions of various estates in government housing schemes in Enugu are turning into slums.

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Anthony Ikechukwu Agboeze

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