Spatial Analysis And Vulnerability Mapping Of Bitumen Deposit In Okitipupa Local Government Area Of Ondo State. | Land Portal

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Enero 2022
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Over the years, Oil spillage has been drastically affecting our ecosystem. It is quiet unfortunate that Settlers in these places always live an unhealthy lifestyle especially during the raining season. There is no other reason for this than the poor spatial data to support and guide safe exploration. To spatially provide solution to this problem using GIS and remote sensing techniques, constitute the major drive for this research. The objective of this work was to determine the geographical extent of bitumen locations as well as to assess its hazard vulnerability in the study area. Differential Global Position System was used to acquire the coordinates of bitumen location and subsequently, the coordinates was used to download SRTM Digital Elevation Model from USGS which was used for the assessment of the hazardous effects of bitumen in the study area through hydrological analytical method. It was discovered that the total area occupied by land use was 875.50 km2 and out of which 88.08km2 (10.15%) was affected by bitumen. The result of physical property test conducted were adjudged good when compared to the established standard while the chemical property test revealed high concentrations of Silicon Oxide which is injurious to health despite its suitability for construction industries. The study recommends that this research should serve as a guide in finding lasting solution to communities already affected and also settlements that are prone to bitumen hazard before it escalates further so as to protect lives, properties, and natural habitats in the study area. 

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Samuel Olalekan Ayeni

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